Our Empire is crumbling, US laughing stock of the World!!


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You right the cloud been around for yrs. But not many companies can match MS cloud infrastructure. Also you have to remember that Xbox One was gonna be an always online console so it made sense for them to push Cloud the way they did. Now that being said as a consumer is up to you to believe whatever you want or just do your homework on Cloud.

Also can you link me some games on PC or consoles that utilized the cloud service for gaming purposes in anyway.

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I read the article and didnt come away with that conclusion.

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It truly is sad. When you think about beside DRM, Sony is doing samething MS is trying to do with the whole making a PS4 a media hub that is also a hardcore gaming device or vice versa. Sony takes the time to explain to the consumers their plans and how things work and people actually buy it. MS thows shit together and expext you to like it just because...lol. I dont know anyone that loves smelling, eating or catching shit!

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So did you buy it to game or talk to it? Like bitch I said Snap TV...dont make me tell you again...bitch I said snap!! Then you slap the air.....

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You speak the truth. I have a 300gb cap. These 13gb patches is wood for the internet neutrality fire!! Could you imagine if all patches and dlc were this massive we'd be f'ed!!

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Lmao.....good one!

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Nice one Carrot!

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I cant believe you got 9 agrees. Are you truly expecting all games to be AAA. Its Indies for a reason. Some devs will have more resources, experience than others. Some have big teams some probably work from home. Still the main goal is to make games. Eventually all shitty games get phased out. Doesnt mean an indie devs shitty game shouldnt make the cut! Your obviously not a supporter of Indies with a comment like that!

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It does run pretty cool. I dont mind the design at all as its sits in my entertainment center. Sheit now that I look at it all my consoles have disappeared. Except my controllers which always sit in front of my TV.

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Good news. Also for those saying PS4 exclusive..Vita needs this game. Just remember I think with PSNow that its not gonna matter where exclusives land on PS platform because it will most likely be availabe across multiple PS brand devices at some point. Which is awesome...still getting it on PS4 tho!

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The funny thing is non of this news is gonna make me put down Xbox One controller and if it was Sony or Nintendo doing it I wouldnt even care. Honestly! I didnt need any stealth marketing to buy my gaming consoles.

MS has been trying to control and monopolize the industry for yrs!! Thats out of my control tho. I just do gaming. Some of ya are so sensitive!

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E3 2013 was all games...so I expect the same this yr!

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Its not even that much of a big deal, but you could have left out the fact that you chose your side(PS4)...as its an Xbox article. So I could see how an xbox only gamer would think you were trying to troll. I wont say nothing but you are a master ninja! *** throws shirokens and disappear s into the shadows.......!

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Good numbers NM. 16mil PS4 and 10mil for Xbox One. Those numbers are def doable. Lets hope Sony can keep up with demand which happens to be their problem at moment.

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I own both consoles dude. I played both versions and BF4 looks way better on PS4. Not saying Xbox One doesnt look good but come on now.

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Paid online came gen before! Xbl...

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Im assuming you started playing online last gen. Because online was great on original Xbox aswell. The best on consoles at the time! That being said it was by far worst generation for me seeing Sega go!!
Very sad. Oh no im serious! Sad sad sad.....

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