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In no particular order:
Platinum Games
Square Enix
Bandai Namco
Naughty Dog

I'm sure there's a few others I'm missing but these are the ones that immediately come to mind.

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It's not like we were expecting anything out of you anyway. You're a big shell of your formal self

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Once I read this article I went to gamestop and they had some available so I guess I lucked out 🤷‍♂️

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Sounds like you have a creeper stalking your comments section! Now that's weird!

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This is not good news at all, like what is the goal here in having Japan Studio pretty much done away with? Playstation has always had quirky delightful Japanese games to contrast the big AAA action games, and now this is one less studio in Sony's stable to provide that kind of content that we have come to look forward to. I hope third party Japanese developers won't look at this and go, are we still relevant to Playstation like we once were? I do not agree with this vision that Jim h...

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For all the people who say you can play xbox games on pc, you may start to hear the same thing when it comes to certain Playstation games. Will it hurt sales in the long run or will it help increase revenue for Sony to make even bigger and better games? Time will tell I suppose.

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Microsoft once again touting old games instead of teasing new exclusive games. All those studios and nothing remotely interesting.

I used to be in your corner but I can't remain supportive if you don't show a willingness to try. We have seen next to nothing on the projects your studios are working on, we hear more about the past from you than the future in regards to games. That's not going to cut it for me and I assume a lot of others.

I w...

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I'll wait for judgement to release on PS5. Tales of Beseria and Ni No Kuni 2 at $9.99 is really tempting. Lot of good stuff to pick from that's for sure.

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Yes! Keep it exclusive in honor of the original. To have both Final Fantasy AND Metal Gear exclusive again to Playstation would be totally awesome!

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Please be Metal Gear Solid Remake! To hear David Hayter speak for Snake again has been long overdue.

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I might hold off on buying any more ps4 games if this is going to become the norm. I really wish we knew the extent of their intentions with this issue before spending money on something we hardly know anything about.

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That's insane. So many Playstation 5 games are over $100! Even the controllers!

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Got mine at Walmart! Woo hoo!

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This one came out of nowhere! My goodness.

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Definitely not a good sign this close to launch when the majority of your games shown so far are either cgi or, the games that actually had gameplay weren't even representive of the console itself. Is that another last place finish I see on the horizon, xbox?

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Too much pre rendered and cgi than actual gameplay, and with 4 months from release I haven't seen enough to convince me that Series X is a day 1 purchase. All those studios and hardly anything to show gameplay wise. I think I'll go with Playstation 5 until Xbox can get their act together.

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I feel like the showcase was a big letdown from my perspective. I anticipated mind-blowing graphics and big surprises. Sadly neither one really materialized. I really wanted to get behind xbox and route for them in the next generation, but I left feeling like they still have a ways to go.

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I dont see that happening, not with a franchise that has been a predominantly Playstation exclusive series. What they need to do is invest in new Japanese ips and establish themselves as a Japanese centric company. Only then imo will they be able to truly take the fight to Sony.

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