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"The X1 is more next-gen than the ps4. Ican control my entire entertainment center with the X1. I cando this as simly as speaking."

My dolly I got for Christmas years ago must be next gen also because i can control it by simply speaking

Everyone knows that next gen doesn't start until playstation says so

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These headsets are amazing. 10/10 from me. I approve

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Ps4 is outselling xbox one because the ps4 is the best console on earth at the moment. Ps4 is outselling the xbox one because it's a way better console. Ps4 is also the most powerful console on earth and it'll get the last of us and uncharted trilogy this year, MEGATRON, TRANSFORM!

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Playstation domination. Ps4 is pure quality and it goes to show how much people want a quality gaming console over a not so quality console like the other so - called next gen console with a forced camera. The ps4 is still sold out everywhere and it seems like sony can't make them fast enough. My local grocery shop where I purchase my organic produce don't have a ps4, but guess what, they are selling a xbox one lol. I laugh every time I'm there getting my fresh tomatoes, and such...

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typical xbox issues. haven't people heard of the xbox 360 and its myriad of problems? Fool me twice shame on me

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PlayStation nation confirmed. The people are requesting quality product so logically ps4 will be number one.

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Playstation domination for all the nation and denomination

Ps4 is the future and the future is ps4

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I don't believe this for a second because fanat-X made it seems like only xbox one software development kit can improve and not ps4.

Anyway, I can't wait for better performance in games over all from graphics to physics animation and all sorts.

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Pro- it's last of us on ps4. It's going to be flipping amazing and it will look amazing.

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assassins creed 3 liberation in my opinion was the best ,The rest of the other assassins creed games seems like they had the same boring clichéd characters

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What's up with stupid people and their idiotic spinning. Do people think weaker hardware can just magically get more powerful.

Ps4 is over 50% more powerful than xbox one and it'll forever be that way. Xbox one software for developing games will get more efficient and better just like Ps4s but hardware power will always be the same

Ps4 will forever be more powerful than xbox one

Xb1: 1.18 TF GPU (12 CUs) for games -56% less ...

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Lol. This is the silliest thing I've heard in a long time. You can buy a ps4 and ps plus and get a bunch of free games and a lot of free to play games vs getting an expensive xbox one with titanfall. Until the xbox one is 50 percent cheaper than the ps4 it can never be a good value in my opinion. Ps4 is over 50 percent more powerful with the amazing ps plus as option which is way better than xbl.

Unless a ps4 is not working correctly and is being sold at an inflated price...

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Sony is restructuring. Ps4 is a massive success and the ps3 is a massive success so making hard choices and the right moves are essential. They have morpheus on the horizon also which has massive hype and support behind it more so now that Oculus Rift has lost a lot of support and hype

Some short sighted people and fanboys might be trying to cause fake ruckus and alarm about some people leaving sony at the moment but sony needs to get rid of people who are costing them more...

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All the hype is gone for titanfall and now people are seeing the game for what it is

EA and respawn messed up with this game because it should have been on the highly successful ps4 as a multiplatform title as well as ps3. If this game was made better in like having better graphics, more online player count and options for no bots while being on xbox 360 xbox one ps3 and ps4 it would have done a lot better.

This game had huge potential but it was squandered ...

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It's because of playstation domination throughout all nations and denomination

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Playstation nations all over the world. Ps4 is dominating in all charts when it comes to gaming. Quality product and I'm glad people realize it.

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I love the Oculus Facebook deal because morpheus will get a lot more support now.
Morpheus is the future of VR in video games

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Playstation nation that's why.

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Oculus isn't needed since morpheus will be the future of VR in gaming.

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Morpheus will come out the Victor and be the best VR option for games and it won't be a gimmick. Just like the matrix morpheus teaches "the one" and "the one" follows morpheus. Morpheus is the future of VR

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