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Yeah I can see why someone would enjoy the more defensive shield combat than the aggro Bloodborne combat. I think the magic attacks and all that stuff is really fleshed out in Elden as well, there's a lot to choose from. I'm into the weird creepy shit though and Bloodborne has that in spades, I think the Scarlet rot areas are pretty freaky though especially with all of the giant dead bodies (or gods or whatever not looked up the lore yet). Either wa...

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I think the complete opposite for many of the reasons people have commented on here.
Why don't you discuss why you think Elden is better than Bloodborne? I'm interested to hear what you think is better. Just to add both games are great games but Bloodborne absolutely stamps on elden for bosses and atmosphere, even music.

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Didn't they say they were going to focus on the mobile market after The Last Guardian?
Hope I'm wrong.

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Completely agree with this. I've played and finished every souls game and Elden Ring has quite a few flaws that people have completely ignored (especially the reviewers). My biggest gripe is the re-use of bosses I think it's incredibly lame and while I know this is a hot take and nobody will agree with this but I don't see why this needed to be an open world game. It would have benefited from the more linear structure of the other souls games, yeah it's cool to run around on y...

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Where to even begin. If what you say is true then what's the point in even having a comment section if you don't like people discussing the content posted? Can I not disagree with the review? you can say the game isn't for me but who is the game for if not for fans of Final Fantasy and third person action games (which I am a fan of)?

Why not have a conversation about why you disagree with me instead of dismissing the comment as "hot headed"?

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I'm a souls fan as well :/

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I love Final Fantasy and I love third person action games so not sure who else this is supposed to appeal to?

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There's no way this is an 8/10. People are going really easy on this game for some reason.
The demo was awful, poor graphics, poor performance, poor dialogue, rubbish looking character's, absolute nonsense story and it's meant to be an origin to Final Fantasy! one of the biggest gaming IP's in the world. I just don't get it. The combat was okay I suppose. I just expected more. Well if you like it have fun!

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The only thing they need to change is they should make them more exciting and show a bit more personality. At the moment they feel very sterile and corporate, it's like come on guys you're in the videogame industry have a bit of fun with your fans. Ya know the only people who bother to watch these things. Get Shu to present them!

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Well they're also doing that Babylon game as well which no one seems interested in playing. I think Nintendo helped fund the Bayonetta sequel so it shouldn't have hurt them too much. They should just release multiplat games in the genre they're famous for and refine it. Yes you're never going to make mega bucks but they should always be profitable. Like I said though maybe they just don't want to do that or it's just not enough. Maybe we'll find out one day but for...

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I hated the Witcher tv series. Henry Cavill is great as Geralt and some of the monster's and fights are really cool.
Everything else is just really cheap and cringe to me though, the dialogue is awful and the story is boring.
Nothing has come close to Game of Thrones yet (at least the earlier series) in my opinion.

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There's something strange going on at Platinum games. They seem desperate for cash.
Not sure why they don't just knuckle down on making games they do best, third person, combat action games.
Maybe they just don't want to, maybe Kamiya wants a massive hit, would love to be a fly on the wall over there.

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Apparently they are really bad ports full of bugs, just a cash grab. Shame.
Just a heads up for you.

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I hated this as an RE3 Remake (adore the OG) but judging it as a stand alone game I still enjoyed it overall.
Just a bit of a wasted opportunity since this game had the chance to be even better than RE2.

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Worse case scenario for Kotick is that he resigns as a billionaire and moves onto another CEO position.
You just can't touch people this powerful unfortunately. There will be no consequences for the scumbag.

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Ohhh good shout! seems quite reasonable that's what it could be.
I loved that intro.

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A lot of people on here seem to hate the game. I loved the original, thought it was so unique and it just clicked with me.
As for the new addition, like the guy says in the video they seem to contradict the entire point of the original.
The whole kick out of it was to feel the accomplishment of traversing the world under harsh conditions and when you finally see that big green vista with the building your striving for it's just a great feeling.
The directors cut...

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I love everything about this machine. The games, controller, design, lil mini discs, it was really quiet and the games booted up instantly. Memory cards sucked though tbf XD

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Honestly loved everything about this game except for the dialogue. Just seemed like bad writing to me.
I am a male gamer in my 30s though so maybe it's just not for me.

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Do the concentration camps in China containing uyghurs count as human lives being abused?
Maybe all of the shipments of uygurs hair in containers to America (which were rightfully rejected) counts as human lives being abused? Maybe the daily violation of basic human rights? maybe the Tiananmen Square Massacre where they opened fire on their own people? I guess you're right though we should be quiet and mind our own business! /s

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