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This game looks insane, but I'm defiantly saving my $$$ for God of War 3.

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Bill Gates would cry

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Looks like its a PSP GO playing an uncharted 2 trailer!

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for sales yes... for profit maybe not.

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But inFAMOUS first.

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It's playing on a totally different field then MW2. Comparing MW2 to MAG would be like comparing Halo3 to Warhawk. so its not a question of wining or losing.

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No the Wii's graphics is defiantly an improvement over the Gamecubes.

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Your a God damned president not a health instructor. Know your place!

Globe Warming should be the only "health concern" you should be concerned with.

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it Foocking better.

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the current ones defiantly good looking enough, and I'm just now getting used to it's award format.

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Duke Nukem has never been about graphics. all you've seen is 2:03 minutes of $hit quality footage don't you think your being a bit rash?

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Just to be mean to the Bottys..

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don't pretend like the 360 has completely won the majority. Both Sony and Microsoft had allot of surprises in store, and are fairly even in regrades to the idiotic and obviously fanboy driven "Who won" articles.

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it hurts doesn't it :p

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yeah i but that's more of a side project...

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I can't understand how Turn 10 can push out three games while Polyphony digital has been focusing on GT5 the whole time and still have the guts to say that they are running out of improvements. sorry Turn 10 but GT5>F3, and that's never going to change.

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us gamers should send out a petition and make E3 a real holiday that why we can get off work/school when it finely comes around.

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yeah hopefully their trying to catch the competition off guard by keeping it a secret, but i doubt it.

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ya i don't even take the time to watch Nintendo at E3 any more...

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what how is Sony's motion controller a minus and Microsoft a plus.

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