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They make up a decent amount with ps+ subs. However if you have a problem with the $70 price tag, just wait 2 months. Sales usually happen and reduced most games by $20.

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Sure but let's not act like PlayStation Plus doesn't give them plenty of money as well but Sony is a business so it's understandable

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Anfv would love to see more ps1 and ps2 classics on PSN that carry over for years to come

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It's getting a PS5 update

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Good. I like the music

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I'd rather they take their time with GoW. 2022 it is!

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But if it just takes 4 seconds from the main menu it just seems unnecessary for me. Awesome feature for those who intend to use it

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Yup. Usually just 1 at a time for me. Usually fully completing the game then never going back to it until I get an urge again.

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I usually play 1 game at a time. So I have little use for it.

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Keep it in the back end for another 5 years when switch is on the way out

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Doesn't not mean they actively developed a game for that amount of time. XV has less heart and soul for skipping and rushing over important parts of the game. Sure it has nice parts but the overall product is crap compared to others. On top of Tabata straight up lying of said game being 50hrs just for the main story. Comrades was unnecessary, did not need multi-player. What we need was a proper 2nd half of the game.

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Entire sections of the game were in fact rushed. They started development over for next gen in 2011/2012. They had little man power working on features not needed in game like Iris moogle doll instead of being able to explore Shivas area. Cut sections from the game. You most certainly can take forever on a game and have parts feel rushed.

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Please take ur time with the game. Story, exploration, music all in one please. Don't want a rushed game like XV with great music. Gameplay looks promising so far.

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I'm excited to dive into it and see how it does. Hope I like it

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XV was mashy sure. But there is a bigger system there but you never need to actually learn it. FF7R is nothing of the sort lmao.

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Not if they keep buying everything. Making their own studios hasn't worked out which explains buying them but damn. Hope they can finish there games unlike Soulbound

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Just need to see some of the UI and ill decide if I want to keep my preorder. I got some money to spend. Doesnt hurt me.

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As long as the games are build first on PS5

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It is like XV. And XV should have been more like this. Gameplay looks fun

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Sonys website will handle them friday

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