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Thanks for your input. Though I suppose, those who write best-of lists should claim they're law, the finer points, such as game choice--a fine point on a list as small as ours--comes to us by way of our subjective experiences with each of the titles we considered, and a good deal of debate between me and my editor; we really could stand to have a longer CRPG list as all your picks are superb RPGs that were on the table, maybe when we revamp in January. Also, we were aware that Gothic II a...

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Absolutely love it. Underrated.

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No one is saying condemn every publisher that gives you the option to spend extra money. A lot of people, however, are saying condemn every publisher who designs their games around perpetually extracting cash from players, or sells off fundamental elements like loot, levels and skills via IAPs.

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You can sign a petition to boycott here:


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Sony has a lot of balls hawking IAPs in a premium title for one, but worse still they are selling individual IAPs for over a hundred dollars apiece, while upping the time, relative to the last GT, it takes to earn said items via grinding.

Bad precedent followed by bad precedent. We are boycotting it because we don't want to see this kind of crap in our games.

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In mobile gaming, the only place where IAPS have completely taken hold, all of the IAPS are purchased by 1.5% of gamers (read the article). So, in other words, if your average gamer decides not to buy Clash of Crap, if most decide not to buy it, it doesn't matter. If this dynamic were to take hold in core gaming then your average gamer would lose all influence as to what gets made and what doesn't. What's worse, again on mobile, where IAP-heavy games run rampant, they turn video g...

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There's a link to a petition tied to a boycott of the worst pay to win titles.

One thing you can do is find the link and sign the boycott.

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Historically speaking, there have been countless boycotts that have forced corporate change. Wiki: "boycott."

I know it scares some and others thinks it's a dream that's understandable I guess. We just ask that you muster some faith and cajones and sign on.

We are pumped about the results so far and we've only just gotten started. If you are on our side of the fence, don't buy into the false and limp argument that a boycott can't...

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Thank you so much for the thoughtful and largely positive responses. Please do sign if you care and have forgotten (that is what this is all about) and there's button there to FB and tweet it. If you can, every bit helps.

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Better yet, stand together, and we become much more powerful as does our message, which reads something like: "if you cross the line we will reveal you for who you are, and then hit you where it hurts--profit margins.

The boycott gives us a way to be heard, and a way to fight back and have it matter.

There's a link at the bottom of the article.

Gamers who care, i think most do, should sign.

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The article links to a boycott. We hope gather a million names.

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The other salient point is that on mobile an analysis of IAP buyers showed that the whole IAP aspect of mobile (really that which drives AAA mobile gaming) is held up by 1.5% of consumers(the study's referenced and linked in the article if you're interested), and they are spending enough to hold up a multi-billion dollar industry thus the average mobile gamer a good portion no doubt of the other 98.5% has almost no say at all.

Which is why IAPs unchecked are so potent...

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While there are some core games on Android (I run a site dedicated to just that),games like Xcom, Dead Trigger, San Andreas are the exception. If you look at the numbers all the money--and a lot of it too--is being made by the crap.

The other point is that pay to win games are utter trash, and that for the first time we are seeing a number of these games on PC and consoles and industry leaders, analysts, even ad copy, are suggesting a lot more is to follow. We created the boy...

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Please do sign the boycott petition applet, included at the bottom of the article.

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When IAPs are implemented they double, quadruple, sometimes increase the grind 10 fold.

Pay to win developers "design to grind," creating lengthy boring parts so that players might pay them away. Then say that they have just added IAPs to benefit busy players, when really they've altered the way they are designing to nickle and dime you.

We are looking to create a bulwark, a defense, a way of keeping tactics like design to grind from taking hold...

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Thank you. I found it here:


I will attach a further reading (bibliography) later this evening, and parts II-V will have more specific references; this piece is meant as an introduction to a series of articles.

As I am sure you know, sometimes thin...

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Wrong. The problem is far from solved.

Well made games still make bundles.

What's more, well-made games with player-friendly microtransactions are raking in the dough, for example, Paths of Exile and Team Fortress.

In the mobile markets its different, there crap games with manipulative IAPs also sometimes rake in the dough. Immersive game design is replaced with cleverly implemented ploys to get players to continuously spend.

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We are on exactly the same page, my friend. I hope you sign the petition.

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