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360 has the same sells as wii and ps3 combined

hope sony has that ps4 ready to go!!

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after Uncharted 3's multiplayer I think everyone knows they should just stick to single

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didn't sony try to make it look like this game sold millions on the first day?


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ps3 fan boy site gives this only 8?


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ps triple exclusives FTW

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PS3rd? price cut already

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I don't see how anything this generic will stand out, I expect Sony gamers to ignore resistance 3 just like they did with 2.

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kind of a big F U to sony gran turismo players who were looking forward to Top Gear content on GT5

betrayal megaton

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pricecut ASAP!!!!!!! Danger danger!

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360 going to be #1 for a very long time, sony and wii got nothing left in the tank until next gen systems hit

@Uraretardkia34 you must be the kind of kid who thinks uncharted or resistance is going to make ps3 start outselling 360. see how thats worked out in the past. Kinect Gears and Halo are the games that actually do move systems s0n

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millions and millions of lost dollars on stocks

then add the millions and millions of dollars it'll take to compensate victims of identity theft and credit card fraud

then add the millions and millions of dollars lost due to their poor rep due to this


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nice review psgaymers

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sony is trying really good to make a good exclusive shooter, go easy on them!

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sony cant catch a break these days!

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AAA sony exclusive in da house boyz

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seems like the ps3 community is really down on this game, low sells and low user reviews

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why then do all the sony ps3 owners not care about buying it?

if it was so good and fun you'd think it would get sells


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it seems Sony ps3 owners have good taste after all

Word must have gone around the ps3 community that this was one to avoid

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probably Sonys doing. They keep trying to keep embarrassing numbers from hitting the public. Better not to keep score when you're losing?

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kz3 supposedly had high pre sells and look what happened

I've heard this tale before!

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