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Seems like a great game.

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This also goes for the music. They left the theme music alone and implemented their own soundtrack which to me was a one up move. Doing this was a step in the wrong direction because it removed the soul of Halo, then they took out Master Chief and removed the heart.

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Gamepass is great but for me the best thing ever was Super Mario 64, Playstation 2 and Halo System Link.

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Lol, King David wasn't a ginger or any type of white man. Why would Christ the great great great grandson of David be black, The Most High God be black, or even Solomon be black? The bible clearly says the Israelites will never turn white in Isaiah 29:22 KJV or wax pale which means turn white.

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Good to hear but I'm still trying to understand why they tried this. Oh well

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I hate smoke and mirrors. Hopefully MS can come out of the closet and just be up front with there current fan base. I'm sure once or if they release news of these games going multiplat they'll understand that there fans who've hung around for years waiting for exclusives will have finally more than likely had it. I would much rather be honorable than someone always wavers deceitfully. Hopefully they do the right thing for long time fans which will look good even to the biggest hat...

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Talk about a prick. Games are coming yet you haters want to get it out before it happens. I seriously can't wait for the day when you dumb sony fanboys finally get it.

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@oof46- because he's a douche!

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I'm personally going to wait until April or May to hop in.

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Xbox fans were never the worst. It's always been Sony fanboys.

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This would definitely be the gift to the least favorite child.

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So Viva Pinata for playstation.

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Then Sony should have no problem pricing the PS5 ahead SX.

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There's definitely something special about this game.

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Rude-ro...I see where you're coming from. Honestly I don't see what the issue is here. Xbox once had an exclusive Spiderman as well. Both companies will do things that alienate others. Personally I love the competition between the two.

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You sound fat yourself, with probably some stank breath!

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I hope you use that same garbage for every developer praising PS5 as well.

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Lol....Sony and it's fans of always trying to change the narrative. It's definitely going to work, but not like last generation.

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Much better show but there was a lack of gameplay once again. Still I left somewhat impressed but underwhelmed.

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