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that this title would come out on Xbox but I gotta agree with this assessment, it is looking unlikely.

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That is what it is all about lol.

A games stand up act, has there ever been such a thing?

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... is a beautiful thing.

Yes, of course you are right.

I don't agree with a lot of what is said on here but I do find it entertaining and I really believe that is the purpose of N4G. It is good fun.

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But having unsolicited opinions is what bogging is all about.

I just found the different ways each console markets so differently quite interesting. Clearly I annoyed some people but that was not the intention.

I have learned something though, next time I will use the headline Nintendo Do A Great Marketing Job and see if the sensitive souls still get all bent out of shape.

By the way you are right about LBP that was marketed in a fun way. Good point.

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One of its functions is to question. If it didn't we would be living in an Orwellian society. I think question mark journalism should be encouraged.

The impact of my article on you is specific to you. Having never meet you I could not be expected to judge that and I am not sure why it would be relevant to me anyway.

As with any piece of writing there are lots of connotations of this article, I would argue that another thing you could take from it is that PS3 has the ...

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I am actually barracking for Sony. I am just questioning whether showing their fun side in their advertising might result in them getting a little more of the pie.

As for PR disasters etc that is a whole different article. Not the focus of this one.

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I am not saying that we as gamers regard it as such.

My point is that that is how these big business' look at it. Do you honestly think that if you asked Sony they would say they are happy to sell less than their competition.

/rolls eyes

Are you seriously deluded or something?

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But i am not sure if integrity is going to grab those extra sales though. And yes it is all about sales. It really is.

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Ha ha, what is your top game for feeling better?

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It is partially a matter of perspective but by the same token I can't help thinking with the software they have got they should be performing better.

I Think the statement that they are bad at advertising is at least some of the answer. Bad at creating an attractive image perhaps? Appealing to the wrong market? I am not sure.

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You may be right on the two analogue controller thing.

If it is simply price that meant PS3 got off to such a slow start then I stick by my idea that the PR people need shooting.

Surely market research should have indicated that was going to happen and how hard is it to fix?

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That is my question, from what people are saying no system ever is so does that mean there may be some improvement left in the Xbox 360 too?

I should have asked that actually.

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This is not 2nd hand: I was there

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Why won't it happen?

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Will it ever take the huge leap forward that it is rumored to be capable of?

I take your point of it maybe never being tapped but when can we expect this big leap?

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And lets hope it lives up to expectations.

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That is what i am seeing

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That is an a condemnation, how much of one depends on where you do live :-)

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I agree on the survival instinct thing, it is a big compliment to a game that it can be such a level of immersion that it kicks your body into a flight or fight response.

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I never played Project Zero. I gotta give it a run.

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