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Another one???? Wow I guess it is the Patchstation.

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Behold the power of the cell at work.

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LOL @ Playstation lifestyle. One of the very few that gave this game a perfect score. Gotta love fanboy sites. Unfortunately this game has more 7's than 10's.

Anybody that believes this game is perfect instantly loses all credibility.

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Embarrassing. Like I said this is more like GT 4.5 because they're using mostly ps2 cars. The majority of cars in GT5 look like this. Everybody screaming photo realistic now look pretty stupid.

Easily the most over hyped failure this gen and possibly ever!!!!

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Another 7. This game has received more 7's than 9 and 10's combined.

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The #1 FPS franchise on any console that does something different than your typical war shooter. Halo brings in creativity and intelligence. It's the most competitive shooter on the market today. Only the hardcore play and excel in it. MLG is the premiere gaming league and Halo is the premiere game. COD comes in a close second. Halo Reach is still number 1. The hate comes from the other side that so desperately wants a "Halo Killer" Killzone and Resistance both tried but...

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LOL. More like the beast was unleashed and Forza 3 killed it with one stab directly in GT5's heart.

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Let me save you sony fanboys the time and effort....

Every sony fanboy this site will give the game a 10

Unfortunately real gaming journalists have spoken and the majority said it's much more less than a 9.

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LOL @ Mrv321 comparing a new franchise in Alan Wake with Gran Turismo 5. Your making yourself look desperate when you keep bringing that up. LOL!!!

Face it man, GT5 is easily one of the biggest disappointments ever in gaming. A game that was supposed to be "perfect" LMAO. 5 years in the making. LOL!

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LOL! Seeing the sony fanboys fall apart is just rich.

You know what's funny??? Only a small handful of sites have given this game a perfect score which includes mostly sony fanboy sites BUT Yahoo gave it a perfect score. A site that sony fanboys would always cry foul with "biased" or "owned by Microsoft" and now they're praising Yahoo. LMAO! Sony fanboys are falling apart big time.

EDIT: LMAO at comparing Crackdown 2 with GT5....

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You are going to compare a new franchise in Alan Wake with Gran Turismo 5??? LMAO! Wow desperate the sony fanboys are becoming.

Face it man, GT5 is the worst GT in the franchise and a disappointment. Forza has now taken the crown. Just the facts man.

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Let me get this straight....

5 years to make
Half the premium cars of Forza 3
The majority of cars are ported over from ps2
glitches galore
horrible AI
horrible crash physics
Jaggies everywhere, terrible shadows, framerate dips, etc...

WOW what the hell was PD doing??? Oh yeah, they added GoKart. LMAO!!!

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Easily the biggest disappointment this gen and possibly of all time.

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This game is getting a lot of 7's

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Great news for 360 owners. Sony fans might cry who cares. But the fact is their are more players on the ps3 network playing this game than Killzone 2, Mag, Resistance 2, Socom, and every other exclusive shooter COMBINED! I bet you their will still be more players playing this game when Killzone 3 comes out too. Sucks for you guys.

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Comparison? We still on this? Forza 3 is the king and GT5 is not. Lets not drag this topic any further. Forza 3 is the best there is.

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LOL! More damage control.

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Damage control!

Check out the GT forums and you can clearly see a lot of GT fanatics disappointed by the game.

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Ps3 community??? LOL! Most of the small handful of websites that gave this game a perfect score are from sony fanboy sites and blogs. SHOCKING!

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Lots of excuses and whining going on from the sony side. The fact is that GT5 is not what you prayed it was going to be. The textures are not great, the jaggies are noticeable, the car selection is laughable with hundreds of Nissans and Skylines with more duplicates, the majority of cars are directly ported from the ps2 with no in car view, standard cars are just put in to add to the list but in reality GT5 only has about 200 cars, the sounds are weak, AI is weak, and crash physics is a jok...

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