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@deep so you say you play wired but somehow care about lithium ion battery life. You realize rechargeable AA batteries lose charge faster than lithium ion. And disposable AA batteries are terrible for the environment especially if you just thrown out and not recycled. Such a waste really. It's a good thing ms can't sell consoles anymore less impact on the environment. With PS4 sales that would be a billion batteries or more in a consoles lifetime. Not hard to have two controllers to s...

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Why wouldn't it be when rabid Xbox fans are trying to spread rumors the ps5 is melting and will be delayed or broken upon arrival. The heatsink is only big news because of the rediculous rumor attacks on the ps5 so really blame the xbots for this not n4g.

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@deep so would you buy wireless headphones with double AA batteries, would you buy a Bluetooth speaker with double a batteries would you buy a phone with double a batteries. Everything has lithium ion now a days even home telephones . So why the heck wouldn't you expect a 600 dollar console to have them aswell ??? Literally Nobody wants batteries in tech besides Xbox fanboys apparently but hey that's what happens when you worship a company that's entire motto is to play it safe fr...

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Actually it is 16gb of gddr6 memory which is graphics memory aka vram basically being shared between an apu. You'd be correct if it was ddr4 memory. Also think they meant 16gb's no slash so you are kinda reaching for the second.

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You better believe once warranty is up I'm changing the thermal paste to arctic MX-4. But with those overclocks I'd be surprised if Sony cheaps out on thermal paste like with the OG PS4.

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You are correct. The extra power is mainly for overclocking and sli or tri SLI . Most single nvidia graphic card with intel cpu set ups only use 400-500w.

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Wait there's Xbox one crossplay with PS4 ? I thought Sony only allows PC/PS4 crossplay.

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Yeah I bet it will be an m.2 slot. Hope they look closely at m.2 overheating throttling problem.

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Hope this patch fixes getting booted from game. Has happened like 7 times and once to my friend. Also note it's not my internet.

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I guarantee Kratos is going to kill Thor with Mjolnir.

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Yeah that suit is way better. It was also in the animated show ultimate Spiderman. I'm guessing the metal spider arms would be too hard for insomniac to code for and they were prob asked to promote the avengers movie iron spider. I agree the iron spider you posted would be better though.

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100 dollars plus missing out on the last of us 2 uncharted 4, days gone, god of war 4, ghost of tushima, death stranding, horizon zero dawn, and many more plus what ever else Sony CREATES unlike ms who just rehash three games for the rabid basic xtards. Being a Sony fan is the opposite of being a fan boy because logically being a fan of Sony is the right move. Any console maker that can't successful make new games should never be supported ever. Fan or no fan.

Edit thi...

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You can thank PC for the 4k rage. It started there lol

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What about hdr ? Or is it already been patched ?

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Corsair 900D ftw

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Played it on ps4 game is somehow even worse than vanilla destiny. Basically added some good things but than took everything great about destiny 1 and threw it in the trash can. I had every exotic and was max level 305 before I even beat the raid 2 weeks into the game only played 3 hrs a day after work. Also hard mode raid is a joke doesn't give you anything. And all the exotic guns have zero perk changing options.

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Close to two monthes in and still no rumble or clash PvP game types and to top it all off no level cap increase for hard mode raid. Bungie have learned absolutely nothing from destiny 1. Yawn I'm already 305 have every exotic and done with the game. not even gunna bother with hard mode raid. Good job Bungie you killed your own game two times in a row. Lol

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Ps5 is coming nov 2018 or more likely Nov 2019 . No way they are going to swallow ms having a more powerful system for 5 years.

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some 1080p games on ultra with max AA already use close to 8gb of vram supersampling technique for 1080p isnt cheap on resorces. also if you havent noticed console games make pc ports lazy on most multiplats. so when it comes to consoles devs use as much vram as they can even if they dont need to, than they port to pc with the same lazy assets.the moment ps4 and xbone came out pc vram requirements magically jumped passed 3gb (man i got screwed on the 780ti classys, highly regret not going wi...

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