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Do yourself a favour then and stop reading all news/tweets/reactions/everythi ng because all of it is just as likely to be "PR Hype" than anything else. If you don't want to trust the guy who gave up working on this series a while ago then you really shouldn't trust anyone even remotely involved in the gaming industry about anything in the gaming industry. In fact, he has the most likelihood to be the most critical of such things, but hey, what do I know (answer: as little a...

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Probably also a little on the artistic side of things, the music paired with the imagery. Also, note you're on a forum which is pure opinion and you, like the rest of us, find some value in these opinions...

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Wanted to say the same thing. Good for Oculus either way (and Vive and PSVR if they're selling beyond their projections) but we have no clue what the projections were exactly, nor how many of these can be made in whatever timeline. Not saying it will be a flop or that they aren't selling well, just expressing that we might be talking tens-of-thousands instead of millions.

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Looks like I'm finally getting Rocksmith

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Sure, but the same can be said about any franchise that goes on past a decade of time.

Also, I'm pretty sure the novels/companion stuff advocated the space-opera tone long before 343i took the reigns.

One more thing: 343i was/is a LARGE portion of who made Halo in the first place. I'm pretty sure they "get what Halo is about"

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What if, heaven forbid, both studios weren't pulling their weight or meeting deadlines and milestones?

What if Fable Legends was in Beta so long because they weren't keeping players and the feedback was negative?

What if Project Knoxville exists because the "vote for our next project" only garnered a few thousand votes in the first place?

What if Lionhead WANTED to make a F2P and Kinect game?

tl;dr - Busine...

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Except that, if you continue following his Tweets after the retraction he made, he mentions not being 100% on the whole thing, as well as comments from a UWP developing explaining that creating an .exe file for it is simple and can therefore be sold anywhere.

It honestly sounds like he made a very public comment about something that should have been more private until he knew full details.

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Anyone who reads the whole Sweeney rant can see the holes in his argument, with or without this response. The man woke up on the wrong side of the bed and started to talk out of his ass.

I'm getting tired of people who willfully play in "walled gardens" ranting about MS "forcing" developers to play in
their "walled garden."

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You did require a Kinect. The OS was rewritten to remove the reliance, because people shat a brick. They listened to consumers and changed as quickly as they could.

Nobody has said XB1 will be hardware upgradable. That's everyone else adding their two cents. The underlying OS (W10) will remain the same, thus everything being made now should be forward-compatible, and everything on the next machine MIGHT be programmed to have a lower-setting version to run on the current ...

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This right here can be the differentiator though - games run like crap on older phones (mostly iOS IMO) because Apple effectively stops selling and supporting the previous model almost immediately, and on a yearly schedule. Essentially, every three years an iPhone becomes completely obsolete (in terms of new apps, OS features and popular apps that update regularly). This is because no programmers, in the right mind, will ensure that something runs on a hardware that nobody can even purchase. ...

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Fixed hardware would still apply to 90% of the architecture. What we're looking at here (I'm assuming) is the equivalent of adding a second GFX card and some more RAM to the current configuration. Basically developers and programmers would target the game for Standard, High and Ultra settings to allow everyone access, but those with the beefier set-up to enjoy the best experience.

Of course, it won't work if MS goes the route of Nin...

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That's not a thing that happened. The structure (Bell) sways in the game. One photo the bell is in shot, the other it is not. The thing that was done is blacks were softened which came off looking less distinct/defined, but IG mentions putting that style back in.

TL;Dr, there was no detail down-grade, that photo you reference is misleading.

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Why is this being disagreed? I would LOVE to see this information (if only to shut up both sides of the argument - just show concrete details instead of allowing everyone on either side to keep pushing their end of the agenda)

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I don't need an end goal, but I still fail to see the motivation in visiting all of these planets.

Something I don't quite understand either: is it proceedural in that I will never see a planet anyone else does or was just the initial creation proceedural (and currently unknown to Hello Games)?

I'm interested. This is the game sandwiched between Uncharted 4 and MLB The Show in terms of announced games that might have me adding a PS4 to the family...

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as much as this is a troll post (IMO) I agree that E:D is MS stop-gap answer for NMS. There's a good chance that both games make the switch in-around teh same time, after exclusivity deals are expired.

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This is the reason I think the two gravitated toward each-other, even more than the instal-base. The guarantee of Morpheus and Occulus (now also Vive?) support os huge for a game like this.

@everyone above who's arguing

They have said it's timed, so chances are high this appears on Xbox One. The only difference between this and something like Tomb Raider is that, due to the larger PS4 user numbers there are less people constantly asking for clarifica...

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Smart move holding back the NA release until things are ironed out *completely

One thing I wish they would do with these bundles, at least w/ first party stuff, I shave the game pre-loaded, like they have with some of the 360 hard drives. Maybe have a code to activate before playing (so the odd cases of people who don't want a pack-in can still give it away or resell if they so desire) but otherwise it should be ready to play when the system is set up.

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The interesting thing to me is that these are based on porting up, not creating from scratch. Can't wait to see what the hardware can do when all of the tools are used fully.

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You're putting words into his mouth. Concessions for small teams and added content for long release disparity aren't coupled together.

Small teams can release later because they are small teams and don't have the resources to do otherwise. This is not lost on Charla and is taken into consideration when the application arrives to his inbox.

Capable teams, who have resources to do cross-platform at launch, that otherwise...

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Nothing has changed, titled misleading. Parity clause still what it always was, just now more public - kind of. This has been said before on numerous occasion.

I REALLY don't understand what sounds so evil or backward about this clause. All that's being said is that under the challenge of resources MS will make concessions for games releasing on rival platforms first, but if there is no specific reason for not releasing everywhere at the same time than they'd jus...

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