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1 flopped in sales and they already planning 2? :S

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what Im confused about is that the psp still outsold it

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PSV fanboys shouting hallelu... nevermind

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Lol at PS All Stars, here comes the real king

At least with smash bros the 3DS and WiiU will be two different experiences, not a port lol

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Good riddance!!, when GTA was exclusive to the ps2 for a couple of years I doubt anyone was complaining like little b*tches, glad this series is exclusive on the 3DS and WiiU, glad the handheld I love is getting amazing support :)

Now in two months time I'll be getting a WiiU for the sole reason to play Monster Hunter in HD

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With that amazing lineup.. RIP Vita (Nintendo got pawned my a**) lol

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Dont forget monster hunter and luigi's mansion ohh and animal crossing :P

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Monster Hunter 4 and Pokemon XY

Indeed the vita is pretty much dead

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my sympathy goes out to those that bought the inferior version

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ahwell shame, cant wait for 3 ultimate and 4 for my 3DS :P

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When vita gets a decent install base maybe then capcom will bother

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now the fangirls can start fapping over dantes old look they were crying for

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yh to horny perverts that like fantasy over real women

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how do you expect to look at a screen if its on the back of the controller??... -_-'

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Amazing game!!, hope it gets lots of sequels :)

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Hit ball out of the park yet didnt make the company money? what???....

dude thank god you dont own your own business

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dude please you are seriously embarrassing yourself...

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really? so are naughty dog and santa monica making vita games?

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He got paid by capcom!!!!


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Will I've never bought a game based on metacritic user ratings lol

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