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The guy who wrote the article is full of crap. AOC has many people playing. I have characters on two servers, SET (PVE) and DOOMSAYER (PVP), and both are packed with people.

This guy has been on a never ending smear campaign since AOC launched. How this joke of an article got posted here is beyond me.

As for the stock, I'm not sure if people here are aware or not but almost every single stock has got hammered over the last couple months. Most going back to where ...

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I don't understand why people get away with posting complete lies on this site. If you actually listen to the podcast, there is no mention what so ever about anything negative that is posted in this blog. There is no talk of resolution, screen tearing or shadows. All it is, is one guy complaining about how he thinks it is wrong to release a game that is not a full version while charging for it.

BTW the video that is shown while the guys are talking looks incredible. In fact it ...

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The same could be said for anyone giving Uncharted less then a 9.5.

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TO The Dude,

Man are you off. There is nothing on the X-Box that comes close to R&C or Uncharted as far as graphics are concerned. In fact "The dude" if you actually took the time to read reviews you would see that many (including some X-Box biased sites) are stating that they do not believe Uncharted graphics can be done on a 360. And for the record the 360 has nothing that comes close to Heavenly Sword, or Lair if we are just talking graphics.


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The game deserves a 9.5+, and it got a 8.6 which is still a good score, but the guys comments were way way off the mark.

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No one cares Mesh, you clearly have a problem being honest with yourself. Uncharted is incredible and you are a mean and hateful person. Do everyone a favor and stay out of PS3 conversations.

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How would you know those games are better if you have never played Uncharted? I've been playing games for over 15 years on all systems including the PC and I think Uncharted is the best single player game game I have ever played. Could you honestly say the same about COD4 or Halo3?

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I'm sorry to upset anyone, but there has yet to be a review of Uncharted that hasn't stated the incredible graphics. And many of them have actually stated that the graphics could not be done on the 360, included some X-Box biased sites. In fact some reviews have went so far as saying Uncharted has the best graphics of any game ever released.

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I have a wife and daughter so I play games on easy, that way I have the ability to complete them. If I was single and didn't care about time invested I would play it on a much harder level.

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Uncharted is really amazing (just finished it, took about 10 hours on easy setting). This is probably the best single player game I have ever played on a computer or console. If asked to give this game a score, I would give it a *9.8*. The only really negative thing I have to comment about is the final fight (it is completly scripted, and might as well have just been a full on cutsceen).

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Mart you do understand that you are clueless, right?

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Knight you're a liar and full of crap.

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I think you have to buy a PS3 before you can consider selling it.

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I hope you realize that the speed he is refering to is the movement of the game, not the framerate. I think you better read the article again to see if maybe you can understand it better.

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The interview says nothing about poor sale of the PS3. This title is completely misleading. All it talks about is the loss Sony takes because the PS3 cost more to make then they sell it for.

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