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Destiny is 30 frames per second sadly, if Bungie wanted to take control of the power of the pro to make Destiny 2 multiplayer 60 frames per second, parity essentially holds that back. Sony has implicitly explicitly stated that no online multiplayer from the pro can be 60 frames a second while the original PlayStation 4 is locked in 30. Thats holding back the industry

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All of that extra juice just to be stuck at 30 frames per second what a waste. How is this even considered an upgrade if Sony is forcing parity on developers? Frames per second should be king not resolution.

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I beg to differ...that was really impressive. He out played them all.

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Your right despite the disagrees you have. Crucible is over run by two weapons Mida and 1000 Yard Stare. Naysayers will disagree but it's true. Bungie nerfed fusions into the ground for no reason at all and they will not come back. Doctrine of Passing is the best auto in the game but you have to suffer through sweats to get it...gun diversity does not exist in Destiny. Certain weapons are god tier and others are a joke by comparison.

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@spicelicka I thought the same thing my dude Lol. Comments like these are starting to become the norm on the Internet from here to Twitter...go figure.

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I couldn't agree more with you comment. As a fan of games, I want them to succeed over anything. I for one could care less about Quantum Break and like making an appearance on PC because I want the game to be a success. Simple as that.

The spirit of competition and wanting to be innovative/creative ultimately lead Phil to make this decision and I stand with him 1000%. I love gaming, always have and always will. I literally spend thousands of dollars on gaming every year ...

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I'm glad that PC is getting this game ( Hardcore Xbox One fan here) also. This will do nothing but help the title sell more units further increasing its commercial success. A true win win for us all.

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Your comment became crap when you mentioned sales as a barometer for success.

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This game...the feels...

Fallout didn't stop me from supporting this masterpiece of a game. I bought them both (ROTTR 1st Lol) and they are well worth the price of admission especially TR because it's so freaking gorgeous to watch and play.

Exclusivity deals by third parties suck. I hate them but until something drastic happens they will remain a thorn in our side. In the end it hurts the gaming community more than it helps.

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5 fire team is more than ready.

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I haven't played many F2P games but the one that I play religiously is Warframe and I love that game. Gears is my favorite franchise so Cliff will definitely get some love from me if it comes to the One.

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Cool with me, I will be on Dragon Age #EAAccess

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Pre loaded and ready for 12:01 EST!!!

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It was disappointing do to the lack of communication between the marketing department and the devs, they weren't on the same page. Simple as that.

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Me too...233h 8m to be exact. Destiny dominates my activity feed on XB1 even tho the content is lacking we find ways to keep ourselves busy #DarkFront

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The Thorn is my favorite gun currently. It's so nasty in PvP...know that if you see HacSaw in the Crucible, I will mark and devour your soul!!!

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Despite Destiny being hot garbage

Spoken like a person who has never played Destiny. Do you even game bro...

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I like Warframe but let be clear. At some point you absolutely have to spend money to enjoy it. For instance, when it came out for XB1, I found found all of the required parts for Rhino, Nova and Nyx yet after I assembled them, I could not use them because I now needed to purchase more slots in order to equip them. Wtf? Warframe may be free, but it locks everything behind a pay wall...everything. That instantly turned me off. 30-35 buck will buy two DLC pack in Destiny, but it just a drop in...

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The Dark Beyond. Best Farming yet.

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Most disappointing to who? Not me, I absolutely love Destiny. True it's not for everyone but to the millions that love it, it rocks. I play religiously with the same 6 to 8 people daily. We all help each other with strikes and crucible and have a blast why playing. I will be level 26 today and will help my team (who are mostly 20's) get to 26 so that we can do the raid. True it has its flaws but what in life doesn't. Enjoy the game for what it is and not what you want it to be. I ...

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