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None of the games you mentioned will be in the 1080p category. Did you not read his comment and then mine? Shall we work on your reading comprehension?

Sunset Overdrive, HAHAHAHA. Right. TLoU on PS3 looks better than SO.

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Call me when a graphically demanding game hits that on the XB1 without any major graphical downgrades (looking at you, Forza).

OT: Witcher 3 will probably be 900p on PS4 and 792p on XB1.

You are a lot of fun. Keep it coming.

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Of course halo will sell well. It'll be the first exclusive release on the xbox in months. MONTHS.

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I have a good feeling you are totally wrong.

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Agreed but do you think this is going to be another AC game? Same old, same old? Black Flag was cool because of the location(s) but I felt like I was just doing the same thing I did in all of the other AC games.

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Not really. It looks decent but cannot hold up against the games in the list in terms of graphics. SO will be all about game play.

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Haha, I quit twice as well. Same thing, lights off and headphones on. I'll try again tonight. I'm basically at the end I think (red corridor).

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Which class will you be and why?


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You can't believe people are buying the more powerful, cheaper console? Really? Interesting.

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False. Not only does it HAVE the upper hand in resolution, it also has the upper hand in effects and graphical capability in general. If we took a version of the same game on XB1 and PS4, both at 1080p (which is still pretty rare right now), the PS4 would trump the XB1 in lighting and particle effects, frame rate, AA, etc. That's just how it is when you have a materially stronger piece of hardware. Sorry, kiddo.

But please keep commenting, I really enjoy a good train wre...

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Heh heh heh, fantastic, I thought we had lost one of the more hilarious people on this site.

I understand why you don't show up much anymore, I wouldn't either after basically everything you've prognosticated has failed to come to fruition.

That said, please don't go. I really enjoy your comments. I guess it's why shows like Teen Mom and Intervention are so popular. Everyone likes to watch a good train wreck.

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Sub-1080p is the exception on the PS4 while it's not that way on the XB1. The XB1 has a quite a way to go to match the PS4 in terms of resolution.

Personally, I don't really care if the XB1 ever gets there as long as it can pump out great games that are at least in the same ballpark graphically as the PS4.

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Bahaha, yeah... my girl came to check on me a few times to make sure I was alright.

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PC + Uncharted? What does that equal?

Every time I try to enter that into my calculator, I get an "undefined" error. Maybe I'm entering it wrong.

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This is a PS4 article, not a general console article. No need to bring up any other consumer product just to make yourself feel better or make some misguided attempt at a point.

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Ha, talk about a game that had to cut a ton of corners to hit 1080p/60fps.

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Shocking the mods here haven't tagged this as trolling. Oh wait, no it's not shocking at all. Consistency, super-simple stuff.

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Nah. Xbox took a risk as an all in one console and lost when they dumped the kinect. They have to collect themselves and refocus. Won't happen until at least 2016. Sorry kiddo.

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Ps4 is better hardware and a better GAMING machine, pure and simple. MS took a risk and tried to become the all in one media console. Them dropping kinect shows that the risk failed. They can still come back but they are firmly behind right now and won't see any possibility of day light until at least 2016.

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PS4 is stronger hardware. Good. Fine. Whatever. Let's move on and talk about games. Or not...

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