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Amen EU, amen.

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Op_matrix: You think that lobotomized nut-hugger MorganX could even afford a trip to Japan? Just sit back and revel in his stupidity.

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@Ihateyoufanboys: Mario Kart Wii, New Super Mario bros, Wiifit, any mainline Pokemon title, Smash bros. Brawl, Brain Training, good thing these "western games" are the top sellers of this gen. Seriously, if ignoring Nintendo's sales this gen helps you sleep better at night, than more power to ya kiddo.

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Yeah, that worked out well for MS huh?

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@ cez of rage: Cool story bro, I seriously hope you have stock in MS or some vested interest, otherwise that rant of your's is pretty freakin sad. Say, maybe "M$" can buy you some more bubbles.

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*looks around* Where are your bubbles at big_silky?

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*Looks at wat634's avatar* All that money and still a $6.00 haircut.

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After playing Vanquish, Gears is like playing a Tps with training wheels.

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Great review Borisfett.

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@enkeixpress: More like 8-10 hours on normal. The game clock doesn't count replays and cutscenes.

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Not according to sales it isn't. It almost flopped harder than Mirror's edge. While RE5 might have been a subpar RE game, it went on to sell 6 millions copies. It's going to take more than one decent game for Deadspace to topple RE.

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@Jony_dois: Actually the original Biohazard/RE was inspired by an old Famicom game called "Sweet Home". Everything from the mansion to the door opening load animations came from Sweet Home, so basically it's a case of Capcom ripping off itself. Furthermore, a cover system was implemented in RE4 for a chapter (the helicopter assault on Sadler's island base). How about next time do abit of research champ.

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@TroyandAbed: Lol, and I suppose the GoW games have exceptional stories? Go to the library and read a book, champ.

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The man made fuckin' Ninja Gaiden Black, he's already a legend. Guarenteed if he was still at Tecmo/Koei that pap Quantum Theory would have never seen the light of day.

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Bet you couldn't wait to rattle off those figures Nihilism. Don't worry, you'll be down to one bubble on this account soon enough as well.

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@Kalowest: I take it you've been reading your reviews from the 5-6 no-count shit sites that gave this game sub 8's. The larger sites have been praising this game and rightfully so, the game's phenomenal. Halo is probably more your speed kiddo.

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Apple buying Sony out aint happening. For starters, Sony is too large and important to Japanese interests. If Apple makes a move, the Japanese government will take action. Furthermore, Sony's stock hasn't budged since this announcement. It's a bullshit rumor, nothing more.

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@Progaor06: The story is no better or worse than your typical tps/fps. Besides, if you're playing these types of games for the story, you're playing for the wrong reason.

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The only negative reviews are from the Japan-hating Xplay, the inconsequential GamePro and the frothing mad troll over at Destructoid (who's reviews Gamerankings won't add to the final tally). All in all, Vanquish's critical response has been fine, with the major sites lavishing praise with only a few dissenting voices that are mad because Geow just got punted to the curve by a booster kick to the balls.

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Incredible game

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