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@ coojo: switch out "Japanese" with "American" cars and you'll be onto something. Hell, American cars are such shit that the U.S. government had to intervene with a bailout to save GMAC, then they tried to ruin Toyota with unfounded rumors but that backfired and Toyota got a nice profit from the quarter of the recall. Lol, U.S. autos = fail, they can't even win when they cheat! LMAO!

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Lol! Nice to know a site named: "beefjack" (seriously, is it a front for Slim Jim manufacturing or a gay bar for dudes who dig assless chaps?) thinks Fable 3 is on par with Ico. I can assure you that Ico will be remembered as a landmark title long after Fable's reign in the bargain bin has been forgotten.

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Seriously, who gives a shit? Give me more Jrpgs like Demon's Souls and Valkyria Chronicles on PS3. Wrpgs can take a flying leap on 360/Pc for all I care.

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"great combat, fantastic writing" LMFAO!!

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Looking at this quarters financials for EA and Thq, Japan's industry is the last thing I'd be worrying about.

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MisterAV: Correct, that's the reason over the confusion over horsebirds/Chocobos (Chinese called them horsebirds). Eitherway, it can't be argued that the graphics aren't the best of any mmorpg.

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@chilled2M: Oh, defensive aren't we? Well wipe the froth from your mouth psycho, nobody is trying to piss on your great white Anglo coders. Btw, let me "kindly" direct you to the white supremacy forum down the hall to your right.

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If the Japanese need to stop buying cut and paste Jrpgs and Pokemon titles, then the west needs to stop buying incrementaly improved annual sports title#36651, Military Fps shooter# 54328 and shirtless, vaguely homoerotic, angry, one-button combo hack and slash sim #3.
As for your rant on Japanese console technical ability, it's all about portables over there. Of course, on console you'd have to be a fool to discount FFversus, TLG and FF14s graphics on Pc. Hell, they even make...

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I'd say Demon's Souls beats MGSR to the punch in that regard. Talk about deconstructing a largely western game style and creating something better than anything else in the genre. At anyrate, Japan is going to be fine. What we're seeing is a transfer from the "old guard" mentality to the new guard. Capcom's main talent has long since exited to Platinum and Tango, Itagaki's is just getting warmed up, Kojima's nuturing his own studio, Matsuno might return after...

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Kratos comes from the school of generic character design. He'll be forgotten in another generation.

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@Xilly: Sounds anecdotal to me. Maybe these "hardcore gamers" you've talked to are 13 year old, lobotomized I mean CoD players.

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Xplay just hates Japan and by extension Sony and Nintendo. Of course, it wasn't always like this. In the early eps they had import reviews and great TGS coverage. Unfortunately, somewhere along the line, Xplay got some unfunny, biased fucks that were pissed because they got tentacle raped by Nippon and so here we are. The good news, G4TV is getting flushed down the toilet faster than an unwanted fetus on prom night. Xplay will be relegated to budget podcasts and left to rot in some dank, ...

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The reviewer is pants-on-head retarded.

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Lol, Enslaved! Enjoy your floaty controls, shallow combat and lack of challenge.

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Yes, sleeper hit of the year.

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Jlg112592, I see your white supremecist meeting let out early. That's assuming you ARE white of course, you could be a self-hating Japanese for all we know. English not being your first language would explain much about your posts.

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@Nihilism: I think this site is getting to you, man.

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Seconded. MGS3 Subsistence is without rival when it comes to stealth.

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Xplay is run by racist, Japan-hating, pants-on-head retards, good riddance. The only thing I'll miss about G4 is Ninja Warrior.

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