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What's that EA? You lost another $100 million this quarter?

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Seriously, just throw yourself under a bus.

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Dsnyder: You only have to look to the latest COD or gears games to be embarrased of the gaming industry. Sounds like you're into the hulking stud type more than girls, that's cool man there's no shame digging games with bros icing bros.

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@Malicious: 1.5 million copies of Bayonetta sold between 360/Ps3, hardly a flop, try doing some research before spouting off kid. Anyway, Bayonetta is the best hack and slash this gen. The only thing the mediocre Darksiders is overshadowing is the bargain bin.

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FantasyStar: Keep your racist stereotyping and ethnocentrism to yourself.

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Have a bubble Jack Burton. It's a damn crime you only have 3. Truer words have never been spoken and that's why this industry needs to crash.

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Lol! Oh Nihilism, a few more comments like that and you won't be saying much of anything anymore on this site. Of course, til you engage another new account. You won't have to keep reusing that avatar however, the smug, pretentious rantings of someone who probably enjoys the smell of his/her's own farts will be enough to identify you.

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Lol! Kaz just trolled the gaming media! Brilliant!

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I find this footage very shocking.

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GT5 is good.

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Lol! GT is even bringing out the pc fantards, though only a couple what with being an endangered subspecies and all. Sorry Toaster, nobody cares about a couple of modded out relics. Chin up though buckaroo, you pc guys will always have the market cornered on Solitare.

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Agreed, his so-called neutrality and passive trolling schtick is equally transparent and tiresome.

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You know man, I was thinking the same thing. What set me onto Contra was when that buzzsaw tank appeared with all the turrets and the glowing core. It was like a miniboss straight out of Super C.

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A bubble for you sir.

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Spike tv is a joke and it's VGA's are a running gag in the industry, nobody takes this shit serious sans the Mountain Dew swilling, lobotomized bro gamers that get off on the latest, generic fps that the west ejaculates out. Don't expect a masterpiece like Bayonetta to be represented. Hell, the highest rated game this year is Mario Galaxy 2 and I doubt it won anything. I couldn't be bothered to watch however, don't want to waste the braincells.

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It just shows the desperation of the haters. Really, if the only flaws these troglodytes can muster are lack of rewind and the inability to disable the HUD, then GT5 is going to be fine.

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Madao hit it squarely on the head. Inafune was exactly what was wrong with Japan's videogame industry. A washed out, talentless hack from the old school. He got lucky with Megaman 2 and Dead Rising, the rest of his resume is laying around a landfill near Tokyo bay. Good riddance Inafune.

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This is the kind of shit artwork you'd see on game boxes from the 80's and 90's. Instead of using the beautiful Japanese cover art, companies would get Bob the janitor or some hack that dropped out of art school to throw something together in between shifts at Kinko's. This receptical-bound trash just typifies the consistent fail that is Capcom this gen. Instead of tapping their own Shinkiro for a professional looking piece, they conjure the ghost of Rob Liefield for this putr...

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Shift 2 avoids GT level sales.

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