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@Halo_Reacharound: Nice rant racist, I bet you burn crosses and wear white hoods in between sessions of Halo and fellating your bro gaming buddies.

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Depends, do you like punching puppies and kittens?

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God I love Suda 51. Bring on Shadows of the Damned and NMH3.

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That's a quality list, especially with Krauser and Nemesis. Really wish MvC3 had Jin, Strider and Black Tiger in it.

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Mortal Kombat is garbage.

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Dead Space is garbage.

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Dead Space is a snoozefest.

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The genre's dead because Shinji Mikami stopped making games in it. Couple that with the complete implosion of the SH franchise.

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Poetry in motion.

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And risk burning down the hospital when it overheats? Yeah, Merry Xmas kids...

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Kamiya did Bayonetta, other than that, you're spot on.

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Bingo, this game is just screaming for an Atlus localization. It definately has the potential to be another Demon's Souls-like success. Bubs up for you both.

3728d ago 2 agree0 disagreeView comment How about letting From Software handle their own projects. I shudder at how Santa Monica would butcher DS. Laughable levels of violence that would make Paul Verhoven cringe, dumbed down one button combos and fixed camera angles everywhere. No thanks.

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Ya, I agree.

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Vaguely guessed chartZ?

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D00d WTF??

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It's finally time for VGChartz to ask the question: IZ iT TYM3 4 P3n1S???

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@Sarevok: Bayonetta isn't in MK because Platinum would never want one of their characters in the laughing stock of fighting games. Ever wonder why MK is never played at EVO fighting tournements? Because it's ass.

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Well look at all the GoW fangirls like jammydude and co. getting all flustered because their favorite, half-naked, buffed up(no homo..really), gyro-eating Greek doucher got kicked to the curb by a bullet timing witch. Say jammy, wanna know why Gow sells so well? Because any cretin with two opposable thumbs and half a brain can beat it. Gow is "baby's first hack and slash", maybe when your voice stops crackling and your balls drop you'll feel like stepping up to a real H&...

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