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Lmao! Darksiders was complete garbage.

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Agreed, this and Ninja Gaiden black.

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@Therealist2102: Cool, why don't you throw yourself off a bridge?

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Lol Goozernation. The guy who wrote the article sounds like another butthurt PC fantard. Whaaa, FF7 outsold Baldur's gate by millions, Half-Life, blaah blaah.

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3rd Strike is like butter.

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I don't think even the stooges at Bethesda could screw up the programming on this one. Still, expect a patch a week after release.

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@Failoverhero: Well...atleast you live up to your namesake. Protip: Don't quit your day job.

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Cool story bro. Maybe when you stop playing D&D with your 40 something friends in your parent's basement you'll realize there are better Rpgs out there. Also, Chronotrigger.

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He was also executive producer and heavily involved with Metroid Prime's development. Before he jumped on board and specified he wanted it in first person, the game was a mess.

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He means generally speaking. As a group, the Okinawan people are the longest lived. You can wiki: "Okinawan centenarian study" for the details.

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@Seijoru: You're a "special" kind of asshole aren't ya? I bet you like punching kids with cancer too.

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Maybe when your balls drop and you move out of your parents' basement you'll understand.

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Garandshooter: Lol! You made my New Year. + bubble for you.

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@FinalSpartan: Being a Halo fan, you'd know all about generic games. Oh and historically, Spartans were rampant homosexuals and pedophiles, cheers!

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LMAO! Somebody stop this guy! Protip PC neckbeard, nobody cares. Bonus: The REAL WOMEN are outside, not in your parent's basement.

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Lol! iracing, Netkar, I love this guy's humor!

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Agreed, Demon's Souls is the best Rpg this gen.

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Pampers and training wheels are in aisle three, Rufioho.

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TheDynamo: Lay off the meth, bud.

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