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Excellent Quagmire! You tell 'em! Nothing like a third rate character from an unfunny show that's circling the drain, barking orders.

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Awesome! I can't get Vagrant Story or Einhänder on the NA store, but I can get some shithouse Disney games that nobody gave a crap about the first time around.

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^ Why don't you put a stop to it then tough guy? Douchers like the two cocknozzles above me are the Mountain Dew swilling, crotch fungi of gaming. Stick to your braindead Fps games kids.

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Kojima owns.

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cbhamblin: How about a steaming wad of disagree. But judging by your taste in games, you're probably used to steaming wads, huh?

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You're right madpuppy, Japanese games need more oiled up, buff spacemarines eating Big Macs and chugging Mountain Dew while blasting generic Xenomorphs, while Nickelback blares in the background. Why can't the Japanese understand that??

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Lol! Good one Omegasyde! I especially liked the part where FFXIII uterlly crushed Dragon Age in sales. Pure retail comedy gold right there!

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For once I agree with Soad. Jesus, the world must be ending.

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Good thing the west is stepping up the innovation. I hear generic western fps#36124 will completely reinvigorate the genre followed by generic space marine fps#5421 a few months later.

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Please come to my no-count site.

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@Clownbelt: Seeing you fail here and now is comic gold. That last bubble is holding on by the thinnest of strings, huh?

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@despair: It also doesn't help that you're a complete fucking moron.

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There was a typhoon about a month after the Okinawan invasion, sunk some cruisers and destroyers. It would have done more damage if the ships were underway instead of anchored. The "Kamikaze" did come, just a month too late.

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Yeah, good thing the U.S. never harmed civilians, especially in Iraq and Afghanistan. That Wikilinks video was obviously a fraud, but if civilians did die, they died for freedom and democracy.

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Never thought I'd agree with a Halojunkie.

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@beasley23803: Cool story bro. You're both wrong and bat-shit insane on the matter, but hey, whatever helps you sleep at night. Oh, and Oddworld is a washed up, no-count waste of a game.

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@Soad: Demon's Souls is only frustrating if you're a complete moron. There is nothing cheap about it, skill and competence will get you success.

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Vanquish was much better. But hey, if you're into oiled-up, buff dudes with chainsaw guns, more power to ya.

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@Iamback: Screw yourself mutt. You probably got that "western dogshit" blurb from that old Bonus Round episode with that lobotomized mouthpiece, Pachter. I highly doubt you can scavenge enough brain cells to even learn Japanese. If Japan ever did pull something like that off, I would %100 agree, western games are redundant dogshit. Stick to your brain dead FPS gutter tripe kid.

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"mediocrityville" That's pretty funny coming from a guy with a Sub Zero avatar. Also thanks for the PSN ID, I'll be sure to add you to ignore. As for Vanquish, it looks phenomenal.

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