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@trounbyfire: The only thing ME2 is overdhadowing is the bargain bin after it's disappointing sales. GT5 will bury both RDR and ME2.

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@Moparful99: Listen here you little ignorant shit, Nintendo has never failed to turn a profit. All of their hardware has generated revenue, even in the N64/Gamecube days. Your little historical fiction rant is hilarious, but hey, whatever helps you sleep at night kid. Keep crying though, your fraudulent, unsubstantiated bending of facts maybe annoying, but your butthurt fanboy tears, they are oh so sweet.

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An amen and a bubble to you Optical_matrix. MK is a bankrupt, dead franchise that relied on ridiculous amounts of gore to gain noteriety. Teaming up with MK is far below Capcom.

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Yeah, yeah, more excuses Bioware. Demon's Souls buries both these turds.

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with a static camera it can afford those details, still Gow is a flaming Greek turd.

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Bubble for you Nugundam. I totally agree.

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PC higher standards? Thanks for the laugh kid. I bet you like the smell of your own farts too.

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Pretty much. FFXIV will bury it just like FFXI did to Starwars galaxies.

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Awwww isn't that cute! Bioware wants FFVII and Pokemon numbers for their bug-ridden, glitchy little dialogue tree sims. Dream on Canadian bacon, even the hackeneyed disgrace known as FFXIII is heading for 6 mil while your own ME2 struggles to break 2 mil. Oh, and you Bioware fans, don't give me this crap about their games being sales beasts on PS3. ME1 or 2 would flop harder than Bioshock on PS3. Hell DA:O barely outsold Demon's Souls on PS3 and the later had zero commercial promo...

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"No thanks" I'd rather have old console classics, Megadrive, PS1,Turbo Duo, ect.

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An old and fraudulent list. Still, MvC3 better have: Strider Hiryu, Jedah, Megaman X, Nemesis and Jin. As for the Marvel side, I couldn't care less.

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All this talk of milking reminds me that I'm due for a prostate massage.

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Try Herzog Zwei on the Megadrive/Genesis. You know, the first modern rts ever made.

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@butthead4love: LMAO! MK huh? There's always got to be one or two butthurt MK peasants spouting off inane shit whenever SF is mentioned. Face it kid, SF pummeled MK back in the 90's and now. SF tournements are still held worldwide (MK never got a tournement because: (A) it sucks and (B) nobody gives a shit.) SFIV outsold MK vs DC and has one of the highest review scores of all time. Meanwhile Midway (publisher and developer of MK) went bankrupt and MK vs DC bombed, now that's a wa...

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I don't give a shit about spells, elves, wizened old men or any other wrpg tropes or wrpgs for that matter. Unless it says Demon's Souls on the disc.

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Bubble for you Ranmafan. Amen.

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Me too man, love Strider. Oh and fuck you whoever disagreed with him.

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NYC Gamer: You're right, TGS needs more Mountain Dew, cheeseburgers and braindead Fps games to offer anything of interest to western gamers.

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Oh hell yes! Axelay and Cybernator.

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