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Kinect's future looks uncertain.

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QTE boss encounters are based off RE4. The same guy directing Vanquish directed RE4.

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Butthurt fanboy tears have been shed, as in one fell swoop, Shinji Mikami reinvents yet another genre (considering the fact that modern tps developers ripped off RE4's style of camera/gameplay it seems appropriate). Of course frothing shitstains like Foxgod and Brazilianbumpincher (creepy name btw champ) will tow the UC2-3/Gears party line like the good lemmings they are, oblivious to the fact that the Tps script has been totally flipped.

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Where the hell is Einhänder??

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^ Hello shitstain.

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Bioware did do a Jrpg, that Sonic DS rpg. It was the biggest pos joke of a game in awhile.

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God of war can suck a dick, it comes nowhere close to Peacewalker's brilliance.

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You know what was a great peripheral? That Rez vibrator for Dreamcast. I would stick that thing in my ass for the King Kong of orgasms!

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Bubble for you Jdigital. MK always has and always will be the laughing stock of fighting games.

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Lol! I love how there's always a couple of butthurt MK fans in these SF/Capcom stories. Newflash MK neckbeards, your series helped bankrupt Midway, actually I'm thankful for that. Anyway see you guys at the MK tourney at EVO next year....oh wait, they don't play MK at EVO, because MK is dogshit.

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Yeah, well Walden was overated pap, so piss off Thoreau.

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@Irnbruguy: Nice try racist, but no.

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Sessler is about as respected as your average N4G poster. I wouldn't be surprised if he turned out to be an MS schill really.

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Bethesda basically admiting they can't compete with Nintendo's quality software and chocking up the whole thing, including the abyssmal Wheelspin. Fine by me, as long as they keep their bug-ridden, glitchy, crash prone games sequestered on PS3/360 and PC.

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xbreakx360: You're a fucking piece of shit.

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I'm loving the busty asian porn on my PS3.

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*fap fap fap* Peacewalker!! UGHHH!!

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