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Sterling's review was not at all influencer by his perception of how a trans staff member reported transphobic bullying at BGS? No. Not at all 👍

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Lots of downvotes from the cult members.

You are not permitted to have any fun

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34 bitter downvotes

Don't you just love it

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They showed nearly an hour in June

What more do you need?

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It's actually a really good way of trying out a game in Gamepass before downloading it

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Just like every social media influencer is every other sphere?

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I'm not a childish adult and I'm not taking the bait. I'm perfectly happy gaming

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Activate fanboys. .. interesting marketing strategy. I have zero interest in this game, yet it's all over my twitter feed.

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Very much your opinion.

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Incompetent Phil and his team just won. Jim Ryan got caught lying

Phil is sound and an actual gamer. Jimbo just looks like an angry parsnip

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I didn't hear that once....

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A very polite middle finger.

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Ooooh... Someone mad lol

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Had Sony or any of its acquired studios ever even attempted a game as deep as starfield?

I'm not an RPG fan and was "meh" about starfield, but only an idiot would deny it looks very interesting after watch the showcase special

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The showcases sees to suggest otherwise

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Maybe you should email Todd and let him in on your insight that nobody at Bethesda were able to work out lol

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You clearly aren't a Dev. Dropping the resolution had nothing to do with it. It's the CPU that is bottlenecked due to a design choice.

Do some research

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