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Well obviously, any exclusive would sell better on more platforms as it would be available to a larger audience. Thanks for giving us a firm grasp of the obvious.

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Sorry but there were claims by many people on this website that Gran Turismo 5 would outsell Halo Reach because it was a "bigger franchise". Now it hasn't I guess it's convenient to state that they're no longer comparable, which is a valid point, but don't play dumb and claim there were NEVER comparisons made between the two franchises.

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Not trying to spin, criticise or insult. Just surprised that given it's fast start it wouldn't have gone on to sell more. Even you must have expected it to have reached the 10 million mark by now.

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Not to put a downer on this or anything, but didn't it sell like 6 million by the end of last year? Surely they were expecting more than 1.3 million over the course of this year?

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They've just changed the style of the game, the first was very Stephen King influenced whereas this one is more Quentin Tarantino.

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How come Sky isn't on the PS3 then?

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Some games don't need to run at 60fps. I don't think it helped Rage personally.

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Actually Microsoft just announced a new Alan Wake game, should we just overlook that then?

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The only new app the UK is getting tomorrow is Lovefilm.

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I think 6-8 hour experiences are better in the downloadable space. Charging full price for a game that can be clocked in a weekend with no multiplayer doesn't cut it in today's market. Are you saying you would rather pay full price for the same experience?

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Sony never releases PSN activity but if they did I can guarantee you that CoD would be right at the top. And that's not a bad thing because MW3 is mint.

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I suppose when you look at the selection of games available for the holiday season, a remake (even a Halo remake) isn't going to be at the top of many people's lists. The game is fan service at the end of the day, and I will definitely get it eventually.

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I don't understand why Revelations has come in for so much criticism, it's a massive improvement on Brotherhood in my opinion. Yeah the core gameplay is basically the same but the story and missions are way more engaging. Maybe my initial reservations of the game lowered my expectations but it's a fantastic game nevertheless.

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Bit hypocritical of you to present a counter-argument which is just as biased though.

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And yet as MAG taught us, more players doesn't make a better game.

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The last mission on co-op, fantastic.

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2013 would be my preferred launch date, this generation is still as strong as ever for me.

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Let's see one of your games then.

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Sorry to disappoint the haters but Modern Warfare 3 is a great game. Move on.

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This article doesn't even scratch the surface of the new features. I should know cause I'm in the preview program.

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