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I don't smoke anymore but when I did I played a lot of infamous and pixlejunk shooter and pixlejunk monsters

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For me the boss battles in gow3 were worth the replay value

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How about an online verses arena based fighting Mp? That would be cool. And you can pick different gods to battle with.

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Best franchises for single player replay value are God of war and dead space.

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You must be an idiot not to understand a joke. Probably a cod fanboy

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I hated activision before it was cool to. Ever since I played return to castle wolfenstein on ps2.

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That actually sounds like it would be cool

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So did I... twice

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This is amazing. I cant wait to see the monsters kratos will be killing. I hope they get creative. The story should be good too. I would prefer they go with a different mythos but ill take any God of war game over no game

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Ha exactly!

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The assassins creed games are boring....

Great another splinter cell game....

How about a new ip to help prop up your soapbox jade?

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Because there really isn't much you can do with that time period that hasn't already been done. Plus the weapons werent that great. Rdr was the one exception.

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Meh there are so many other games I am looking forward to. They will really have to prove themselves with this one after the borefest of gta4. Niko belic sucked as a main protagonist

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The Internet wasn't even a significant part of the game. You only had a couple of missions that even required it.

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The battles were not the characters themselves

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Deus ex hr
God of war
Super Mario world
Zombies at my neighbors
resident evil 2

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The God of war games have great story and gameplay. The characters besides kratos aren't that memorable though. I hope they improve on that in the 4th of the series.

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Anything can be art because art is subjective.

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Please for the love of God have the game based on Norse mythology. I'm so tired of the Greek mythos. Ill buy the game no matter what though. Love GOW.

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