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Overrated: Halo Reach, and every other Halo game for that matter.
Most Disappointing: Bayonetta

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Please give us a North American release date!

I don't want to have to buy the Japanese version, but I'm tempted.

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Reach is clearly better than Halo 3 but that's not saying much. It started out decent, got boring in the middle and ended decent. I liked the "Left Behind" Final mission. Overall a B/B- game, nothing terrible, but nothing even close to GOTY worthy either. The new map pack was decent also. This wasn't the best year for shooters.

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Gears3 will be amazing! Other than that, meh...

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I agree with Uncharted 2. Best game of all time! No joke!

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PS3 version clearly looks better than the Xbox. I can't believe how people can say otherwise

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Fantastic it WAS one of the best games. Glad to see it get some love

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I've got to go with
Xbox. Alan Wake. Mass Effect 2
PS3. Heavy Rain GoW 3

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Is he crazy? Monsters were the BEST part in Uncharted 1. I also liked them in the second one.

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Here's my top 5 list for games using the Move
5. Time Crisis Raising Storm/ Deadstorm Pirates
4. Sports Champions
3 The Shoot
2 Heavy Rain
1 Cabela Dangerous Hunts (Amazing shooting galleries)

Next Move games I'm going to get are Toy Story 3 and Eyepet

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No way. I'd be bored. This is simply no reason to play.

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Xbox has more demos, game trailers, movie trailers and digital downloads.
Xbox you pay for
I really don't care much about cross game chat.
Playstation has Home
Playstation is free, unless you want Playstation plus. Which is a good value.

Each console has great games exclusive to the format.

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It was better than Halo 3 but not by much. I can't understand who plays this game anymore. The story is boring, there are dozens of better multiplayer games out there, the graphics are decent, but again it doesn't really blow you away or anything. When you have games like Red Dead Redemption, Mass Effect, CoD and Uncharted, Halo is starting to look really stale.

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I would love to get the game on the PS3 but you can't save any progress if you play local co-op. So only 1 person gets to keep the level ups. Ultra stupid mistake.

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I've tested both of them. I've put more time into the Shoot where accuracy matters a lot more. The move isn't perfect. It has a slight lag and drifting can occur sometimes when you move it around a lot, but for the most part it works well.

I also have two Guncons to compare it to while playing Time Crisis. The accuracy is about the same. You just have to be very careful when you calibrate the move just like the Guncon. I prefer the Guncon because I like holding a ...

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One of my kids did that but he didn't calibrate it properly. I just restarted the same and recalibrated it. Problem solved. Just be careful and check the movements when you calibrate it and everything should work fine.

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Amazing value compared to the last Time Crisis. Which I still loved but felt the price was way to steep. And if you have Guncons you are already set.

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Boy I'll bet some people feel stupid paying over 40 bucks for some of those now.

They should of listened. We knew this was coming.

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1. Halo ODST
2. Halo 3
3. Bayonetta
4. Metal Gear 4
5. GTA 4
6. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

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Don't buy it. Sources say its coming to XBOX live over the next few weeks.
10/5: Paradise Pack Ninja
10/12: Paradise Pack Sports
10/19: Paradise Pack Soldier
10/26: Paradise Pack Psycho

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