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Save yourselves some coin - MS uses the cloud remember!

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go watch angry joe division review....pretty accurate and entertaining review.

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while I love destiny....only stopped playing mid-november.
Division feels pretty meh. These days Betas are far more than stress tests and bug fixes.....this game needs to get its crap together asap!

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i'm in minority i realize....but i really liked the mp. and talking it out was why i left.

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I find it strange how complainers don't like that it has 4 maps only.....despite the fact that each mode uses portions of those maps which are unique areas.

Ie - Han solo hanger.

Its fun. Its beautiful with best soundtrack probably in gaming. And its not perfect. Has content issues. Dlc season pass is ludicrous in Canada. unlocks for characters is incredibly lame....but it has to fit canon.

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Beenox developed probably the best swinging mechanic. And that's about it. Significant but their ability to tell a cohesive story worth your trouble was pretty awful.

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That moment when you discover that your will is meaningless - blew my mind!

I'd love the series to come back exactly same but with new beautiful engine and possibly reorchestrated music.

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Its pretty awesome. Plays smooth as butter.

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It looks ps3 on ps4 beta....and it feels like they know what they have and are offering free maps to compensate.

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They'd have to upgrade to latest unreal engine then tweak their mods.

I don't see that happening unfortunately.

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Preordered with season pass. Eat it haters!

I used to be one of you....ghost was terrible. AW was ok....but became bad as Dlc weapons unbalanced the game.

But blops3 beta renewed my interest. And seeing all the misteps with battlefront...which i also preordered, im pleasantly happy with cod this year.

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Irony here is that the big 3rd party games have not delivered as well as expect and halo 5 is far from bring great. Its arguably the worst in the series! Albeit...steak dinner is still steak dinner.

So the stage is perfectly set for blops3 to deliver huge.....or become just another installment.

Star wars. ...a huge money making beast this season will almost certainly be great for casuals. But more weathered gamers who immediately tried the beta with fervor.....

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How is all night racing considered a feature?! I get it here....but its stupid.

Next new thing in racers? No weather! Totalling coming at you 2016 nfs.

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My concerns which pushed my $ to battlefront was the real acting story - which looked terri-bad.

Trailers seemed all at night....which suits the theme, but is disappointing.

The cops n robbers theme from last nfs was by its nature more fun. Pure street racing is fun as well (in a game) but it lacks the fear of getting caught. Ai police is not same.

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NieR is one of those missed treasures by most....those of us who also love rpg + adventure/action.

Music in ps3 game was so beautiful and haunting.

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Problem with armchair zealots is sales matter as long as its on their console of choice & doing well.

1) sales ALWAYS matter...they don't make games sokely for your enjoyment.
2) sales are primary indicators of market share health.
3) star wars will 100% canabilize halo sales. Its bigger, beloved childhood franchise!
4) star wars will almost certainly be the weaker game.....unless 343 are truly garbage. I have no idea. But, whom ever has the b...

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Agreed. First me....Boeing in minority. ...i miss mp. Competitive.

With other not being suspicious when acting retarded in front of guards. I'll pass.

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I feel like if you removed the star wars gloss....its very underwhelming and is oddly balanced. Basic blaster rifle is fat to accurate. have you seen the movies?!

Seriously, it looks incredible but plays very basic.

And i don't buy EA/DICE saying microtransactions are not in the game design. I'm almost certain its only recently been changed to look like system is fully unlockable via play.

Regardless, it'll sell so much EA...

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Keep in mind Ninny has long running loyalty from when handhelds were king. And gameboy by its very name is obviously not marketed to adults or even teens.

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Is mp included?

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