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The ignorance in here is mindblowing.

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Mmmm ... This is weird. Everyone and his mother have it pegged as August based on every factor possible, including the month mentioned in the last message. Remember folks, Hello games DID NOT promise it would release on the date this person is suggesting. Don't invest in the date.

edit: Yep, take no notice of this aricle. It's already been confirmed by Hello Games that the Atlas Pass 4 is NOT a beta. This is misinformation.

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I can't wait to see all the new IPs MS are going to be delivering in the coming months. It's a great time to be a 'gamer'.

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So the next step will be for the media to start suggesting Sony called this game a 'Zelda killer'. We know how this works now guys, you can just come clean and admit you're trying to create friction between console owners because hatred gets more hits than honesty. Yet another reason I no longer bother with sites like this.

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This game is going to slowly irritate detractors as it improves over the months and years. It's going to be fun to watch.

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They look exactly the same to me. The only difference is one looks like a decent video and the other looks like a video of a terrible stream. Make something of that if you look, it will only backfire when the game releases.

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Oh look, the huge majority of reviews gave this game between 8 - 10 but which reviews hit the hot spot? This is as much the fault of Sony fans as it is the haters. The hot spot just represents how bad things are now on this site.

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And here's the list of confirmed native 4K games so far:

- Bound (Native [email protected])
- forma.8 (Native [email protected] + 8xMSAA )
- Futuridium EP Deluxe (Native [email protected])
- Hustle Kings (Native [email protected]?FPS)
- Mantis Burn Racing (Native [email protected])
- Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor (Native 4K 80-90% of the time/Dynamic Resolution)
- NBA 2K17 (Native [email protected] + HDR)
- Neon Chrome (Native [email protected])
- NiOh (Native 4K...

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I've seen lots of great reviews and lots of excited users. Step outside of the internet folks, it's Westworld in here.

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One exists and one doesn't.

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Sony unsure? I don't know how many times I've read, 'some games will be native 4K and some will use the hardware based checkerboard tech.'

It's odd because the consumers aren't confused, it's the media that seem confused ... or are they trying to create a narrative again?

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It's not the same price as the original. The ignorance over at IGN is getting worse. Yes, the original was eventually dropped down to $300 to get rid of old stock but that doesn't change the fact the PS4slim is $50 cheaper. He also talks about the lack of ventilation as if suggesting it will get hot and so therefore could cause problems, something he draws attention to earlier when referring to touching the top and bottom of the console. The only problem with that is 'legitimate&#...

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I hate the way people use 'admits' in these headlines as if they're answering a previous accusation they denied.

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The biggest advantage is that it actually exists.

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You don't need a 4K TV to see the benefits of the PS4Pro

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No, because the Scorpio doesn't exist. They just added another reason to buy a PS4.

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Of course not. Why the hell should it? What a weird place the internet is.

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If only I had a 4K/HDR monitor ...

Youtube has always been a stupid place for comparisons but this takes it to a whole new level, especially when the comparison is in 1080p.

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Which is better? The console that actually exists.

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Another example of how the gaming press no longer report reality.

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