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I wonder why Sony's consoles keep coming in 3rd to last, second to last, and last place respectively

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Looks like Im getting the 360 version then

i was originally going to get the ps3 version since my ps3 is collecting dust but i dont want to play a gimped version

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everybody seems to want Kinect,

people know a good product when they see one

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omg Michael Jordan at 2:07 in the video

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I think they aren't going to buy sony because right now i don't think sony is profitable enough for apple. they are in a lot of debt.

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can't wait for even more hardcore Kinect games, i'll already be enjoying the hardcore games at launch

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amazing AAA game

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obviously written by a fanboy

hope it doesn't get on metacritic what a bad review.

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I think the Xbox 720 is going to compete with the AppleStation 4

And since Apple has casual games already then I think AppleStation 4 will have casual games, which is good because I already use my ps3 for the casual games so it wont be any different

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IMO its just behind the SNES and Xbox 360 lineups

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"Currently, the PSP2's hardware is not finalized, and Sony is having problems balancing battery, power and heat."

"There are apparently overheating issues"

Uh oh, last thing people need is to get their hands burnt when playing a game.... looks like sony needs to work on these problems asap

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omg did anyone else see at the bottom of the screen how fast they were selling? wow!!!

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well IMO I think it would be better because it would be better on Xbox Live than psn.

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but i noticed a lot of bugs in the video but dont worry its just a beta

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that sony rushed move to the market in order to get more sales before Kinect launches. But luckily Kinect is here for the long haul and I cant wait for it

I dont play sales though I play Kinect.

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I mean i tried out move and to me its just too much like Wii.

@wat634 ya, I mean its cool that its like Wii I guess but I mean everyone already has a Wii so barely anyone wants move

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Wow not only is the 360 ahead, but they even increased 1%! while other products have seemed to decrease....

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Tretton seems to be always getting caught in lies these days... I wonder what this means.

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I agree I played the PC version of mirrors edge and it was simply stunning... leaps and bounds ahead of any graphics found on my ps3 even

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Microsoft is doing all they can to finish up Kinect before releasing it

Microsoft isn't one to ship out a product too early, they want to wait until its perfect to release it

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