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just play sea of thieves snowflake probably fit well with your way of thinking, and nobody gives a fck about your opinion to TLOU2. wont change anything it will sell very well and still one of the highest scoring exclusive this year.

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You bring halo and talk about forza scored higher than gt, but you forgot that a little game called last of us part 2 96 metacritics and ghost will be upgraded for ps5. Those 2 games will drive more people to pick ps5 than halo a stale fps series. Also with sony new terms called playstation exclusive which is no pc release makes xsx have less value against ps5 at launch. Naughty dog ips > halo, halos glory is in the past, is not as big as you wouldve believe.

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if you can afford a PS4 you will know this year SONY has much more exclusives, and those xbone games you mentioned most of them will bomb in sales and scores. You excludes so many ps4 games on your list, it makes you look desperate insecure bots!

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okay see metacritics, compare all exclusives exclude all the indie games to make you feel better and see the result. Sony has more AAA exclusives and far better scores retard. Only delusional xbots thinks that xbone has better and more exclusive games, most gamers choose ps4 because its obvious.

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please show me solid proof they cut out neo because afraid of scorpio.. you xbots never learn, remember orbis and durango rumors back then, every gaming site report durango more powerful console lol ms took sony bait too many times and sony doesnt need to be afraid of anything they are the market leader they dictate the competitor, after E3 i saw a lot of people in twitter and gaming forum cheering and posting "throwing money" gif picture and shout i will buy PS4, but only a few peo...

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R&C has meta scores higher than 90% xbone exclusives whatever you called it. only one console have underwheling line up, its xbone thats why most gamers chose ps4 as their console COLD HARD FACT. you only dare talk about power because quality, quantity exclusives, and sales is in favor of sony.

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sony has more exclusives this year than xbone, so they dont need to show games that will be available in 2016. And do enjoy your mediocre xbone exclusives lol i can tell games like sea of thieves, recore, scalebound, dead rising, etc will have average ciritics scores and low sales unlike sony AAA exclusives

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2016 sony has more exclusives than xbox one cry more! and most gamers worldwide dont give a fck about xbone exclusives which will have average meta scores and underwhelming sales when its released

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what about bloodborne, flower, journey, and last of us meta?
you must be crying inside everytime ps fanboys posting meta scores lol. stop crying and enjoy your so called "xbone's last of us" game :D

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got one!

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go with the fact kid stop spewing bullshit


uncharted 88 meta
uncharted 2 96 meta
uncharted 3 92 meta
last of us 95 meta


alan wake 83 meta
death rally 77 meta
max payne 2 86 meta
max payne 89 meta

add sales comparisons between the two, makes it even more sad to remedy

ND>>>>>>> ;>>REMEDY
the ultimate ...

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it is indeed inferior :P their game scores and sales comparisons tells everything

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beast my as*

here's metacritic comparison of their last four games


- Uncharted DF (88)
- Uncharted 2 (96)
- Uncharted 3 (92)
- Last of US (95)


- alan wake (83) lol
- Death Rally (62) lmao
- Alan Wake's American Nightmare (76) sad
- Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne (86) :P

ND one of the best, Remedy naaah they still need to ...

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persona 5

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