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Sounds like a noble cause. Sounds more like unrelated news though.

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A brutal telling of war and history, but it's the same damn story. Hey, they make money from it, and people still buy the games despite them "sucking". Who can blame them for their success with such a worn-out story?

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More engaging, controversial sex scenes to garner attention? Is that what they mean?

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I liked that Cid part. An old inventor, a pissed-off crude pilot, a guilt-bearing scientist, a king/regent, there's has been enough variety tied to the name "Cid" in the series that it's safe to say the guy IS just being an instigator. The only thing in common is there's a bit of smarts to Cid (more so wit in 7 though).

I also like how he compares Yuffie to to the classic stereotypical image of the ninja, and because she isn't that, she's not a good character. She's mor...

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I didn't understand the drab part at all. Midgar is big and industrial, that's what it is. The rest of the world isn't like that, and that makes it drab? I don't think he played any other game where you're required to travel on a world map when going from town to town. If he did, he certainly couldn't have enjoyed them, and therefore *SHOULD* hate nearly every other RPG near and around that time, even some SNES games and NES games. On that note, I'd like to say this guy hates RPG's, until he ...

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I found 5,6,7 the best, 9 was charming. The rest were nothing to write home about imo, this coming from someone who played every one of the FF games before/after playing 7.

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And as far as this "emo" stuff is concerned, I think that the article reflects a lot about the reader. Back then, there was goth. Not EMO!

His views are terribly skewed. "lets take a look at an old game that revolutionized the genre, and apply modern-day, staple insult terms to devalue it."

Sounds like a child wrote this thing.

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Anyone who played games back then will tell you this guy's a moron. This game was top notch, almost no other game could touch it. For its time, it was a masterpiece. It's never going to "suck", no matter how they try to present their argument. And no, the game isn't "teh greatest" because it's a Playstation game, it was also released on PC.

The series itself DID get generally worse as time went on because the characters kept coming out the same, and it became ...

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I have faith in Bungie. If the graphics aren't far beyond Killzone 2, that's fine. We all know that Halo: Reach's multiplayer modes and other features will be robust enough to make up for any graphical shortcomings (as if the graphics in games bad these days anyway).

I'm betting they go out with a bang (it's their last Halo game or so they say), it should be safe to say that graphically, it's sure to hold up or surpass many early current gen games.

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Just a thought.

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Ahh, sweet. Thanks a lot!

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And some people wonder why Nintendo likes to go the proprietary route more often than not.

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Couldn't have said it better.

Ever see the Wipeout HD trophy list? I calculated the time it takes to get some of those, and it was to the point where if I put a weight on my controller and had the game race on its own for me, I would have built up a considerably larger electricity bill from never shutting of my console.

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If I play through a game, and then bam, done. If I rack up any trophies along the way, fine. I got a platinum in Fallout 3, and then 30%-50% on everything else. Sitting at Level 6, and don't really care. I even cleared my account already from being level 6 before. I really don't see the importance of achievements or trophies. Kicking someone's ass in-game is what makes your "e-peen" bigger.

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That hybrid controller gave me a warm fuzzy feeling. I wonder if you can actually purchase something similar..

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Makes sense. I guess that's why sports game sell so well. Some people who buy the sports games are sports fans first probably.

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Terrible article. I'm a GT5 fan and I wasn't sold after reading that.

I had to stay in the hospital years ago, because I overdosed on too much awesome from playing the first 3 GT games. Since then I've recovered, and ignored the fact that they released an underwhelming demo of 5 (Prologue), and 4 was one of the most disappointing games last gen for me. Seriously, it's like they didn't happen.

I'm a fan of the GT series, but man. It needs an overhaul. It's suffering f...

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A disagree for a question? I was hoping for an answer...But....umm....ok I guess.

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Does anyone know if this game is actually good or not? Any importers here? I enjoyed Rogue Galaxy and DQ8, so I know Level-5 is solid. I was a bit put off when I watched the gameplay videos months and months ago when it was released. Not going knock it until I try it though, I just thought I'd ask for some confirmation whether it was good or not.

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"Now, 100 dollars off."

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