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She needs to have some sense slapped in.
Start gaming you idiot!

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This Guardian article isn`t meant for gamers. Gamers don't read the Guardian. They are meant for moms and dads in their 50s about to buy a console for their kids (what time of the year is it?). If they were successfully briefed with the argument that
<"PS3 is still too pricey. An attractive purchase only for those with an obsession with the PlayStation brand.">
they very well might consider buying ANYHTHING but it. The article clearly suggests that the 360 is the b...

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Clark, either you think a pentium4 is better than an athlon x2 or your PC is in very bad shape. Either way, get a knowledgeable friend to help you.

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lol that CPU was selling for 1000$ some 2-3 years back.

And, I see no FPS issues with this system of course, don`t play it at 3200x2200 you will suffer. But at the very same 720p consoles usually render at it will probably look better and run smoother than ps3 or 360.

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can't wait for november releases as well.
Though I still have to start on some games I bought lately.

Why can't April be like october? or september... november...
other seasons suck :/

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Changes I'd like to see on PS3:

*Make it's top flat.
*PS2 compatibility. (software emulation I mean. I can't believe the cell can't do this)
*Re-enable OS install (linux) and enable hardware video acceleration on it.
*Push the USB connectors to 5 or more (Rock Band 1 is still out there and USB Hubs are ugly or expansive)
*Allow third party hardware to work without a dongle.
*Provide a comprehensive PC software (cross OS - Mac/Win/Linux) that could ma...

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HAHA bought pc version. half the price of the console version on Steam in Canada. (as a four pack that is)

But I would probably have bought it on 360 otherwise.
And yep, the only PS3 games I buy are PS3 exclusives or d-pad intense games.

It's amazingly fun to have all systems and be able to choose what type of controls you need for a said game. And for borderlands, keyboard and mouse are no brainer.

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"Blizzard got me into gaming"

Wow! Atari got me into gaming :)
yep, at that time Michael Jackson was still black.

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bah the reek of prank.

If a special controller for MW2 is needed on consoles it has to look like a mouse and a keypad. Other than that it's useless

But frankly, If the game is due in 4 months it is already feature complete and you don't introduce a controller this far in development cycle. Remember E3? Activision presented DJ Hero and TH Ride's controllers and both games are due for around the same time as COD6.

So.. yes this is a prank.

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duh! I saw the title and thought InFamous before clicking the link, what morons write these articles?

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cut a 100$ and I buy one.

Yes it will help. At least me in getting one.

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while it was bad when HL2 came out, most devs sorted this out correctly now

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hmmm bf 1942 storyline was quite short.... well, was it even a story? and it came out 2 years before Halo 2.

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I agree... Rhythm games managed to bring games based solely on quick time events to the masses.

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bah, that list is basically "what is cool with games but I can't have because I own a Wii"

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It's not just gamers but mostly all men. Well those that are heterosexual anyway.

A man saying he had enough of "naked women" is a lost cause if you ask me.

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If you talk about the royalties, every 3rd party publishers pays around 10$ to SONY for every games sold on PS3. (same for M$ with 360 games; a little less for ps2 and Wii games) So basically, 500M$ royalties means around 50M PS games sold by Activision last year.

There are no royalties on PC games not branded "Games for Windows" such as COD4.

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I want a 2:2 MC

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"that's 40% of their money that they r just throwing away..."

So.... WOW = 50% of their money and Sony 40%.... that leaves little for the Wii, the 360 and all other PC titles.

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We all know Kottick is bluffing.
What he really wants is PS2 owners to jump over to PS3 so they can stop porting everything on the PS2. Hence the whining about ps3 prices.

In the end, if they stop supporting Sony, it will surely mean stop developing new IPs on the PS3. GH and COD are on PS3 to stay, you can be sure.

New games such as Prototype, Singularity and Blur might be the last new IPs on PS.... Well, I believe that is what the guy meant.

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