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will send sony stock holders into an uproar and droves of buyers into the stores..

I'll get a ps3 too when it gets down to a comfortable $300, and there's some decent games available.

but don't expect me to buy any blue ray movies untill the prices sinks to a more resonable $10 - $19 like standard dvd.

to be far the ps3 is a good machine, but a little more thought should have gone into the design process.

making games for the ps3 sho...

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halo is the smoothest game I have. with half life running a close second (it has much more frequent loads as you progress thru the game) but otherwise smooth as silk.

I finished mass effect (almost twice, still working on my Infiltrator who plays like a young mike tyson)

finished about 6 rentals including call of duty4..

so far no issues.

the unit also does double dute as the default dvd player and sometimes dvd player (so I can ha...

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I don't see anybody logging on as "Heterosexual Mike"

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but the fact remains that the concept of homosexuality is just plan repulsive to most people, so when someone goes into a largely non-gay invironment and call themselves gayboy,.or what-ever, they are soliciting the natural response of those that find that life style basically sick...

and I don't care if they remove every bubble I have left for my honest opinions...this site doesnt' give me a single dollar for my comments, not even a solitary microsoft point..or anything else u...

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the concept of homosexuality is abhorent to most people. It can't produce life, and it involves unnatural modifications of the sexual process.

the social shock and revulsion of using a name like "gayboy" on xbox live is as revolting as finding a dead rat in your plate of spagetti at dinner time.

But it probably wouldn't have even been noticed on a pro gay site.

I'm not here to condemn or advocate gays rights,

..they are...

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the story and presentation is top notch.

it took me a few hours to get used to the interface but after that, i nearly didn't want to return the rental.

I'm going to have to buy this game and play it five different ways, while taking all the side quests..


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designed to force an out of court settlement from M$.

the game runs like butter..

give this joker a refund and send him to bestbuys so he can pick up a Wii.

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don't know why there's so much comparison to COD4, (a good game) since the graphics are pretty "stiff" for the most part. the vegetation doesn't sway like in other games and the water looks like a wool blanket.

also there is very little physics mapped to the objects on the game. (you can't even knock over a chair in cod4).

aside from exploding cars and being able to shoot thru certain materials, there's very little physics beyond what you can see(but ...

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if prices continue to drop for the ps3,. I betcha I'll be standing in line for one of those too.

M$ has the ability to drop it's price again since they've cut manufacturing costs with the falcon chipset.

but I think they are trying to maximize it's profitability till the last drop.

with some good titles available for holiday season they'll do fine,.. but why not seal the deal with a modest discount.

this is war remember.

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that's why previous sony only franchises are coming to xbox. bioware, bizarre, and realtime worlds will always be ms partners. and as I said before more key japanese developers are enjoying enlarging their back accounts with xbox games.

(think capcom)

realtime worlds "crackdown would not have sold over half a mil if it wasn't for the halo beta.

we'll see after they release thier secretive next installment (APB) to see whether they have the c...

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interacts with the light source. also the vegetation is stiff, the water looks like a wool blanket, it does even ripple or splash. physics are very minimal. you can't even kick over a chair in the game.

you get herded from one check point after another, with miminal options of varying your tactics. way to linear, might as well be medal of honor.

when you finish there's very little to bring you back,.. like watching a dvd.

exciting a first, and t...

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a polar bear eating bananas in the wild, then locating two happy gay men walking hand in hand.. (not necessarily a bad thing i guess)

But Singapore on the other hand has more "benny boys" (drag queens)per square foot than Las vegas, NY, San Francisco and Atlanta put together.

If you visit you'll have to bring a dr along to help you tell the men from the women.

how can they have so many gay men and then try to put the women in the close...

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sony invested 1.7 in the cell, it will be lucky to get half of their money back if toshiba buys them out.

maybe toshiba can put them in their toasters, alarmclocks, and surround sound home theatre systems.

but you won't find them in computers. the chips only dedicated to console gaming. the cell is not capable of running a regular computer because it was not designed to.

lackluster ps3 sales. (or a I should say,"slow adoption")

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13-35 year old xblive multiplayer lovers will jump all over this game. as well they should.

but programming wise it's not equal to halo.

other than bits of trash blowing around there's no ambient animation

the grass and plant life are stiff as a board. the water doesn't even splash or ripple as you walk thru it.

the scenery is well painted but there's it's also stiff, there doesn't seem to be alot of normal mapping where developers...

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they are both excellent shooters, and I'm glad to have both games. I consider them bothers, not adversaries. Bungie doesn't own the title of "best developer ever", so it's good for gamers that there are other developers with the same pedigree,

you'll certainly see bungies pride show in whatever they come up with next. Maybe "Son of MasterChief" the virtual child of cortana and the chief go on more intergalactic missions to save the universe?


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who can blame them for trying to maximize their profit?

sure, it's just a bone, (when compared to the juicy succulent drumstick of GTA4) but we'll take it.

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its the closest game on the ps3 to halo.

revived interest to play a similar game is just the after effect of wanting to capture that halo glow.

so play that resistance and enjoy.

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I'm totally enjoying the game, and I notice more nuances every time I play, more tactics and more strategy.

as far as the ending,.. I noticed they never showed his remains,.. they'll probably bring him back once the clamor for his return becomes to loud to ignore,

sort of like the death of superman. his body has been held in a top secret military facility where his pulse kicks in for one tick every 2 weeks,.. untill miraculously he's fully revived just in time to...

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But I won't by it, because it was somewhat short and repetitive (althought very beautiful).

I thought the game was on rails (can't fall off the bridges or cliffs etc..)

the lack of freedom prevented me from really getting immersed because of all the invisible walls. (which was probably due to memory constraints)

I'm not criticizing your opinion of the game,.. just my two cents.

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I'm so used to Sessler dissing everything microsoft that I never thought he could render a non-biased non-negative opinion of Halo.

Maybe he's found religion,..

but it's good to hear a "TV" man (and I use term loosely) square up and render the "real deal" about Halo,

Sessler,.. I salute you.

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