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Actually shows that EA is losing money without Nintendo's help lol. This gen will be ugly.

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LoL. Yup, pretty much.

Online multiplayer should be their focus..instead of this love affair with omg! 3D! mentality. Its like watching a pathetic hasbeen stubbornly refuse to acknowledge they are wrong.

This company is in trouble. And Nintendo apologists need to stop. You aren't doing Nintendo any favors by refusing to critique them or hold them accountable. Otherwise you damn them to Sega's fate.

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Have been very critical of Wii U and it's software but this game here does look amazing. Glad they delayed it. Hopefully they polish it best they can and maybe add an online co-op or battle mode.

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Better games. Games that the mainstream market want.

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The Idea of the 2DS, and the idea of digital releasing two weeks before retail version.

BUT, this is exactly why Nintendo needs a true account system not tied to hardware. That is such an archaic, anti consumer, and just plain dumb.

Hopefully Nintendo fixes this problem, because it is a serious one. But if they ever do deal with this issue, digital purchases would really be the way to go.

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Utterly pathetic, the game is on every platform known to man except Nintendo's? Nintendo has some serious issues getting content from western devs, indie or established. And It's actually hurting the industry as a whole.

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The Gamepad is not resonating with the all. Wii Fit wasn't bundled and the thing sold 30m units, so making the Gamepad optional is not as crazy an idea as it seems.

One thing Wii U got right is that it is a controller agnostic console. You can play any way you want. Heck nearly every game E3 they were using WiiMotes and Nunchucks. And who's planning on playing Smash Bros, With the Gamepad?

The gamepad is a convenience for some, but re...

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This is defintely an archaic system they got going here. Their approach to online services is pathetic.

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The Gamepad and the greenlighting of games that appeal to a limited gaming audience...To name a few.

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Slowly but surely I think people are getting hip to the game. Nintendo has made plenty of mistakes with Wii U, and the legitimate complaints need to be front and center so that Nintendo knows the areas in which they need to improve.

But what is being revealed as of late is the facts if third parties are given the reigns of gaming, gaming is doomed. As quiet as its kept, the crash of 83 is unfairly laid at the feet of Atari alone, or ET. Atari was like PS in that they let a...

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After Skyward Sword, why the hell would I be excited about a new Zelda title? So I could collect some more Tad tones? LoL.

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As to why not having a story mode is a bad thing? SSE was easily the weakest part of Brawl, and had to have contributed to the elongated development time.

More important to the game is the content and the online stability and online modes.

I don't play a game to watch cut scenes and cinema scenes, this is why I hate cinema gaming, its a bunch of fluff. Keep it simple.

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Keep things simple. Its better that way. I play a game to play it not watch it.

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First four

NES Zelda 1/2, A Link to The Past & Ocarina of Time.

Way better than the last four, that's for sure.

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At best its a convenience. But to create a whole console based on a convenience is silly. A convenience, mind you, that not many people care about.

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I don't think I displayed any revisionist history in my post at all.

As for Sony doing it better, I'd have to disagree. I was never a fan of PS' controllers the D-Pad was atrocious, and quite uncomfortable for those with bigger hands than the average woman. Also, double L & R triggers seems a bit much.

I still think SNES controller is the OG.

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The GP Add a bundle of DKC/NSMBU and I could see Nintendo becoming proactive about the Wii U.

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As its the benchmark used til this day.

Also the Wii Remote, the thing was so simple to use that it caused a gaming boom in the 7th gen, and made FPS experience even better do to the ir controls. Shame Nintendo didn't capitalize on the big fps craze though. And a bigger shame Nintendo abandoned the Wii Remote in favor of the bulky pos Gamepad.

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Piece. Guy is on the $$

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Already confuses people lol.

"The whole premise of the console IS the gamepad. Their whole marketing revolves around it. Some games won't even function without it."

And therein lies the problem. It is obvious the Gamepad isn't resonating with the Market like the Wii Mote did/does.

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