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Upgrade now for only 19.99!

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Can it be with a mancunian accent please our kid? Safe

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I would love a rise of Max Payne.

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I don't care what they spend.
This year's biggest news is more console exclusivity.
I want the biggest news of the year to be regarding a game, not a company takeover.

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Sony are charging you to use the console's next gen features.
Dualsense and 3D audio behind a paywall ?

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Pretty depressing if this is the biggest gaming news of the summer.

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There seems to be plenty of Sony fanboys willing to defend it. Let them be ripped off

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Is PS plus free? I thought you had to pay to play online

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@neutralgamer1992 I'm talking about having to pay to unlock ps5 features for Ghost of Tushima.
I don't have either console but it is clear Sony have the better games.
That should not excuse them from being greedy bastards.
Also I don't particularly care about indies.
I would like them to receive due payment for their content but I would not be interested in playing!

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Bet you're going to pay 30 dollars so you can play your ps4 game with ps5 features on your $500 console

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Greedy bastards

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I have a PC and I don't pay 70 dollars for games or pay to play online so my "hobby" is fine.
My concern is how much its going to cost me for my children to play in the future.
500 for a console. 70 for a base game. 40 each year to play it online.
I'm glad you are doing well financially but I can assure you a lot of others are not in such a good position during this global pandemic.
I lost my job of ten years this week and have a mortgage...

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@neogamer32 This is my issue with console generations. Ps4 was out for 7 years already. Add another 3 or 4 years of it holding back development of the next gen consoles.
By that time you best start saving for a new one

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What a sap. The industry you bravely supported into what it is now. A mess of micro transactions, season passes, 70 dollars to play a base game for offline only.
Or you can really show off your brand new console by paying 20 dollars more for the next gen version. The PC version.

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I always find getting blipped can get me in the zone on racing games

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I've completed the original more times than I can remember. It's been hard to wait to play this remake !

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Personally I didn't like it. But I also didn't enjoy quantum break or control

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In 30 fps? No thanks

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I bet you now the next GTA is online only.

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I hope you're not American

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