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l be honest. MTX are a god send IMO as long az they are cosmetic or don't affect gameplay. I never buy them and it has basically rendered $15 dlc maps obselete. So free content updates for free for me. Saves me money. In SP games it is a it more annoying.

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Yup, 2k controls Sony's platform policy, didn't you know? /s

2k said, let's put time and resources into this patch and functionality and just pull it last minute because we want to hurt Sony's PR before their horizon event. That is what you have to say for upvotes on this site it appears. Shill and deflect anything about Sony never ask for any improvement or changes because that is bad....

In any negative Sony article or positive slanting...

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Oh yea my guy, Randy pitchford lied about crossplay to put Sony down before the event.... Definitely not like we have confirmed documentation and historical proof that Sony opposes or even charges for crossplay to be implemented with games.

Lovw the new talking point though. Apparently 2k now has say over platform policy for Sony now ... lol

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@spinesaw "You just wait till E3.... Next year!"

That's fair. That said, my point was I listed like 10+ games we know are coming this year alone, some pretty big, some smaller. I was referring to down-playing what we already know. That said, you are 100% right that there are some that think those prospects are going to magically improve 100 times over when E3 comes around with major surprise announcements and showstoppers, that is probably not going to happen....

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@aqua noone said show games 4-5 years out. All I said it we do not know what games are going to be shown or their release dates other than rumors, including some of those possibly being within 1-2 years. (or maybe not)

I mean, look at how many games Insomniac has put out, all complete bangers with few bugs and complex stories and systems. It is completely possible not every game takes 6 years to develop.

@Justin see below from a "leaker" who has...

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@Justin Noone said they would absolutely be there, just that you said it is "ruled out" that multiple titles will be there that have not in fact been ruled out. Maybe they will, maybe they won't.

There are lots of Rumors that GOW and Horizon will not be this year. I personally will wait and see. I certainly would not say either have been "ruled out" based on rumors. Especially considering we will basically find out within a month officially instead o...

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@aqua Ahh, so the guy some here constantly claim is a fake insider with BS info is now the goto when it fits the narrative?

I personally don't take anyone's input unless it is an official source, so I will just wait and see. Maybe he is right, maybe not, but he seems to be often wrong historically, same with most of these guys.

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Umm, when were those ruled out? I mean, I am sure there will be some of those that aren't shown or coming exactly soon though. Also he didn't even include some additional confirmed 2021 titles:
-Crossfire X
-Psychonauts 2
-Warhammer Darktide
-Flight Sim

and some small/mid indies like:
-Exo one
-exo mecha
-The Gunk
-12 minutes
-The Ascent

I mean there i...

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Actually, Sony literally gave away a handful of pretty decent games for free recently, no PS+ requirement even. So that is more a rhetorical statement than factual, even in regard to the company in reference alone.

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I mean, I liked the original mainly because of how unique the combat, traversal and general game mechanics were. I am not too invested in the story and I kinda had my fill of what it had to offer. I would have preferred something new or Killzone even personally, but I am not complaining, just giving an opinion in a comment section relative to the article like everyone else no?

I will probably play it, just nowhere near as hype for me as Ratchet. (or like I said even return...

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I know this is going to VERY unpopular, but I loved Horizon when it came out, but I honestly could do without a sequel, I am way more excited for Ratchet and even Returnal was more hype for me.

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Oh, exclusives from MS are banning other consoles now. Gatcha. should we say Sony put other consoles in time-out in the corner for FFVII, FFXVI, Forspoken, bugsnax, kena, godfall, etc. How about Deathloop and Ghostwire tokyo even?

I mean, I honestly am not a fan of timed-exclusives, but full exclusives (especially first party which Bethesda now is) is completely normal/fine, from anyone.

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This article/story has been on this site like 50+ times. I mean are we not tired of hearing it?

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This and mario 3d all-stars are absolutely rip-offs. If you can get an equal or better experience from a poorly funded emulator on a $350 PC I think $60 is worth complaining about.

That said, it is theirs to price how they want, and I get they are trying to get the money while they are hot, I think these half-assed ports are hurting them more than they think.

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It honestly is mystifying to me. I thought GTA V was like ok. Technically impressive in some ways, sure, but kinda quick to become boring for me. Might be series fatigue, because I did probably play more GTA Vice City than any human ever should have.

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I mean, it may not be a problem for some, but others clearly it is. I mean, they can add the ability to save a run ajd if some people abuse it to get further, who cares? Why would it matter to you how others play?

just seems like it is a sinple somution since it is jot a competitive/online experience they can just add a save option and make it more accessible to people with less time per play session and remove the crashes in rest or updates from ending a run.

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I mean, TBH, seems like they would have at minimum had a few dozen hours tested with a headset, but idk.

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