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@steppenwolf, or you could use that $60 that you'll spend for 6 - 8 years and use it on a pc and epic game store gives free games every week at no cost.

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Carnage. And just have full destruction of everything.

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Photo is from 2013, I believe. It's on Google images. Rhode university is the location.

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-Xbox fan on indies: "PS4 only has indies, indies suck!" Yet top 3 rated games on Xbox one are....get this...indies.
-Xbox fan on Sony raising price of PS+,: "It's a money grab, they are greedy." Yet MS did the same.
-Xbox on Kinect: "They are making it mandatory so that devs make more games for it." MS change their minds and say it's not mandatory. Plus where are the games for Kinect.
-Xbox fan on optical drives: "Xbox 3...

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Why would you care? And the only people complaining have no interest in the console anyways.

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Dude, you are truly delusional if you think that the Scorpio will not have upscaling.

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Why won't it stream it? I thought they it was only missing UHD Blu-Ray drive, not streaming functionality. Did I miss something?

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It can't and it won't. Sorry.


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Supposedly the HDMI controller is capable of HDMI 2.0a with a firmware update. That is how it will be able to do HDR 10 and Dolby Vision only needs HDMI 1.4b to do high dynamic range.

Rumors are around that it could potentially be possible to update the original PS4 to stream UHD but that remains to be seen.

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Well said

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Real world setting is right. Because of this game, in just a few days since it's release people have been killed, hurt, and robbed.

I haven't played it yet but it must be highly addictive if it makes people not pay attention to their real surroundings.

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Very bad list, imo. Saying they were disappointing is implying that there was higher hopes for the games. How could anyone have high hopes for Agatha Christie or half the games on this list.

Now some games on here I understand such as gears of War (PC) and battleborne. They had higher expectations of them than what they actually were.

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MS didn't hype shit up? Ryse's says hello. Quantum Break says hello. Get outta here with that nonsense. Xbox exclusives don't hold a candle to the quality or quantity of Sony's.

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"And in order to do that, we know that requires 6 TFLOPs of power, so for us, that’s what we’re coming into with Project Scorpio. We’re going to build a box, we’re going to build a beast of a box..."

He literally says they are going to build it, therefore they haven't built anything yet.

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Could the author of this article be any bigger of a fan boy?

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It's just greedy lawyers looking for a payout. That's the way those bloodsucking a-holes work. They look for any small thing that for the most part wouldn't matter then file a civil suit to get money knowing that most consumers will get a few bucks at most while they get paid millions.

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Jason Sudekis
Jensen Ackles
Zachary Levi

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How does people predicting that MS are leaving the console market equal to them hoping that MS leaves? That would be like meteorologists predicting a hurricane coming and them also hoping it happens. Just because someone thinks that Ms are going to abandon the console market doesn't automatically mean they want for it to happen.

On topic, I believe eventually MS will leave the console market as it has not been as profitable as they had hoped and that they are putting...

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I'm not 100%, but I'm pretty sure that the Xbox brand itself is still in the red. It might be profitable now but it hasn't made up for the years of losses it has posted previously. So I'm pretty sure MS is not making " so much money from gaming."

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Same old Battlefield. Well at least it looks pretty.

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