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Nope the game missed so much content that it felt very short compared to OG which clocked around 4-5 hour.
All the one liners felt flat and all the Nemesis encounters are scripted set pieces.
OG is very memorable while Remake is very forgettable.
Somehow you don't get Mercenaries in the remake and it was a blast in the OG.

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Then don't release it you dick.
It's clear WB games pressured them to push it out there.

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Impressive, finally your latest four digit rig can finally have the same experience as PS5 by bruteforcing it.
Now try achieve that same result on myriad different hardware or mid tier laptops.
He can't even admit that there's nothing on the PC market that deliver this kind of performance the PS5 provided at $500.

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Sarah Blind and Lies of P.... what a surprise that they tried to buy every 3rd party title.
And some would still think the idea that Microsoft controlled over half of the gaming media is unthinkable.
They actually going to pay that much each game, that right there showed their ambition to be the only player like they almost got it with Windows OS.
They're worse than cancer.

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I don't know why not just wait 'till early December and judge accordingly?
Have you people ever consider that most if not all of their best studios are working on new IPs and new original AAA stuff takes time.
I'm pretty sure they're waiting for some of them to be playable or in-engine trailers and not just CG logo teasers.
I'm also disappointed but why not wait for December so y'all can get the full effect.
I'm still optmistic. ...

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Gaming reviews of these sites are getting dangerously close to Rotten Tomatoes level.
They're nothing more than paid ads.
I've never seen so many 100% fresh critic reviews in my life these past 2 years.
I think my gut feelings are more believable than these clowns simping for more early exclusive accesses free stuff.

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Their attempt to make FM reboot even more accessible like their games hasn't been accessible enough in the past.
(Forza 4 have kinect air steering and auto pedals)
makes their game felt like very safe product.
Treating all audiences like idiots.
It's how they make it accessible that pisses off people.
They could have went with a more balanced approach but nope they got to hand holding players like little kids.

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Those that gave it 10/10 would have to deduct a score soon or they would look like hypocrites giving it 16.5/10 because they improved the game.

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So they learned nothing since Fallout 3 released on consoles.
I remember on PS3 as you get later in the game it got so laggy and random stuttering and loads much slower or worse it stuck on loading screen because the save file gotten too big and its data too messy to be manageable by both game and console.

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Nah some just got burned out of being repeatedly lied to by BGS and their paid media.
It's Not review bombing or else I'd already saw Mr.Yong Yea jump at the headline and make a video out of it but ever since he's got big and deeper into part of the industry he gotten much more selective on who to bash he usually quick on something like this but no longer as impartial as he'd liked to.
It can't be 9 or 10/10 game with this many issues of course die hard f...

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Average user score of Series X version on metacritic right now are at 6.1
I guess we're playing a different game than all the critics and gaming sites as they clearly played one early with "Benefits"

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What'a risky about Starfield?
If its the amount you paid all the media to rave your game then yes it's risky lol.
It's one of the most risk averse space game I have ever seen in years just tons of hyperbole marketing stuff that amounts to nothing or far short of what they said.
It have so much loading screens that I thought it's the game from 2007.
Even DF feels so constipated when they talk about Starfield, most of the opening quotes of cri...

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Since I barely play MP games anymore and was re-subbed one month since I got PS5 I'd say yes I'm going to unsubscribe next month.
The price increase is quite big.
Getting old (compared to a 15 year old that is, I'm still young) and less competitve on video games saves me lots of money each month.
Time for that money to go fund my other hobby instead, namely Vinyl and Music collecting.

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No wonder DF got the review copy, their latest video shilled hard for Immortals of Aveum's High hardware requirements and poor performance and image quality on both PC and Consoles.
They already shilled for Starfield's reason to be at 30 fps before.
BGS and Microsoft hates independent reviewers like SkillUp as they're harder to be bought and have less control over.

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What went wrong here?
The Matrix Awakens runs at much higher fidelity and resolution and it doesn't look like soupy mess on consoles either.
I don't want to sound harsh on dev but this scream skill issue right here and lack of care to optimize their game.

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They released a TLOU Part 1 on PC though and obviously very silent afterward showed that their main team are working on new IP.

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Then complain about them announced games too early.
Chill I'm pretty sure they will have another event later this year then you have TGS and TGA.
I'm not worried as I still have plenty of PS4/PS5 backlog to go through.

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Sony tried them ideas before to know that it didn't worked.
Xbox One?
Sony did it 10 years earlier with PSX in Japan, Basically a PS2 with DVR capability but it was too expensive and unreliable.
I have one so I know,I bet Sony laughed their asses off when Microsoft reveal Xbox One and it looked exactly just like their failed product that released a decade ago but just in black and duller design.
Looks like Phil learned nothing all these years.

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Big mistake of them making us wait 'till Spring next year for Nordschleife.
It's weird that they tried to make us feel excited for one track that you need to have at launch if they want their game to be taken seriously.
Man I hate GaaS model.
It ruined GT7 now FM fans will have a taste of Halo Infinite medicine.

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I can't see myself playing AAA stuff on tiny phone screen.
I tried playing some platform games like Mega Man 11 on Switch and find it unplayable on Handheld mode.
You can stream and play stuff on mobile doesn't mean you should or will have great experience.
To many playing games meant for home setup on the go is still a novelty that's wears off very quickly.
Thinking to myself playing GoW on the phone and what kind of massive neck and hand cramp...

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