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I dont mind if its great games, but if its redone more than once like Halo come on man, how many times do we have to re buy the same game without backwards compatibility. Rated M for more of the same crap we've already played.

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Everyone with an Xbox One would be better off trading it in.

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Because we are all dying to play an old IPs over what was the alpha and omega of Rise and Titanfall :/ Pack it up, pack it in, this is a Playstation win. Xbox One is done, son.

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So funny I could cry. MS should have the most powerful flawless system on the face of the earth, instead the brand is anything but. I wish I could forget my Xbox experiences altogether, but it wasn't all bad, but mostly they were.

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All about the money.

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This list and the rules don't make since. Seems like its all about the show vs what is actually good.

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Here we go, the official console, with less quality than could be due to parity guaranteed!

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No matter how big they go, they will still end up having to go home.

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Not surprising, better standards, better brand, and better quality equal higher sells thus PS4 is leading as usual.

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If this comes out I better get a real Devil May Cry HD of 1 and 3 at least!

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PS4 is going supernova!

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Same here I know tons of people including myself thats the biggest reason why. They were knowingly selling a system with a higher than 50% fail rate, then made Xbox One under powered with a flawed design and now dis-Kinect. Yeah dont touch it with a ten foot pole.

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Xbox One wishes it had, nevermind this sucks ;)

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Even Wii U is more quality than Xbox One.

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Xbox One is beyond saving, it just "is" at this point like the Wii. The Wii had a couple of good games sold like crazy then everyone forgot about it. It just existed. Xbox One is already on its way to becoming a bad broken memory.

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This looks and sounds familiar. PS4 does what Xbox One don't.

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Dancing was kool I miss it.

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I really miss the epicness that was Chrono Trigger, Xenogears, and FF7. The time and quality that went into those are unmatched.

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I got tired of buying the same old sports games in the Genesis, Super Nintendo era. It wasnt kool or worth it. I wait for big updates and if its good jump on it. Still not falling for that Xbox One the official console of the NFL, but some people like what they have to offer, as this has my nephew interested.

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The PS4 onslaught is almost invincible. Xbox One had no choice but to submit. Dropped DRM,dropped kinect, dropped price. But funny thing is Sony still hasn't begun to fight yet, they are still holding back, only card played is Uncharted. Astonishing.

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