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What next FF7 remake only on Xbox One? That would be so disgusting.

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Nothing good came out of Xbox One announcements but the baffling decision of Tomb Raider.

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I'm not a fan of the series but that was a well played business move by MS even though it was selling better on PS4.

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Less talk, just so me what you got Sony, dont talk about it be about it and keep up the good work.

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I remember when I first got my 360 the day it came out and the first two weeks I loved it. Until I repeatedly got the red ring of death and could not finish my game. Three 360s later I hate the Xbox brand. Niether are anything like the first Xbox which I actually liked alot because it had quality.

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Watch for falling Xbox One prices.

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Either start over with a better product and better customer service or leave the console buisness altogether.

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Besides my Evo, the Xbox Brand has been the biggest money pit I have seen. I don't think whats happening with the brand is solely a resolution war. Its about quality of service and how the customers were treated and disappointed by this brand thus the negative reports and sales day after day.

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I want a Playstation orb! Imagine a world without Xbox......I miss Sega, but I won't miss the Xbox brand. Halo and online play are about the only good things that came from it.

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Whatever man after all this time has passed, its all talk till they really do something. From the makers of a game everyone wants a remaster of, but they wont make it (FF7, FF6, or Chrono Trigger). Yet we get Sleeping Dogs WTF!!!

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If you made Xbox One free I think there's alot of people that still wouldn't want one.

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Just wait until till the Xbox Too when it might do all tye things its supposed too and imagine when you get to play Halo Remastered Master Chief edition in almost 4k. Thats when the magic will really begin and MS will charge you for more money to buy the same games that have been out for over a decade. The power of the ethernet unleashed on Xbox One, thats kool I guess if you like smoke and mirrors.

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Me too, this is is the remasters they need to do, but act like they too scared.

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Soldiers first, Soldiers always!

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Yeah buddy! Playstation Excellence!

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Thats what we did, Xbox One isn't worth it.

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PS4 all day everyday. The best console way to play!

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Thats like asking people not to voice their opinions, or not to feel passionate about something they love. Like asking cav fans not to talk about weather they like the fact LeBron James is coming back or not and not to be for or against another team. You cant censor everybody especially when people's hard earned money is involved. Human nature. Shut down all site that post and present these this vs that stories, and the sales reporting if it poses that much of a problem to the people...

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Yes it shows, like when you go to the movies like Guardians of the Galaxy and people boo at the Xbox One commercials. Real progress.

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Put down the peyote man Last of Us easily better than Rise, and was a PS3 game originally.

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