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Same thing happened to me.

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I wanna curse this game out so bad, time and 23 strange coin gone just like that. Bought an engram for a helmet, got one for a WarLock, but Im a freaking Titan. Why, why would they make such a flawed system. Straight BS. Still waiting I a good story to come out of this!

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How about finish patching in the story first.

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No, not at all, people are starting to wise up!

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That game was so funny. I was dying laughing at times. The music alone was a 10 to me.

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Ive been saying that for the longest!

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Sad thing is the story for castle crashers flows together better and is more tangible in game than Destiny. Stuck at 25. Same stupid drops even when riot mode was activated and killed ever thing!

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People are way too busy trying to farm in a broken game that wont let you level up, and give you an exotic bounty to brake down 10 rare fusion weapons but doesn't give you anything for 3 days straight. This really sucks. As much as I hated Halo's little shop of horrors story, at least it tried to tell you the story.

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I could care less about the PVP aspects, I just want fully fleshed out stories, maps, enemies, bosses, and events.

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Come on thats not kool at all.

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Destiny is a great game when played with others and leveling up past 20. People need to realize the MMO of this game and that it will be constantly growing. With time it will only get better and better.

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Everybody knows its for a spin off or for thier supposed VR project for appeal.

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Nothing can take that title away from Watch Dogs and Titanfall. And even Titanfall has fun parts, Watchdogs is horrible! FYI I am enjoying Destiny.

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Dont get me started. Still among the best. I had a better idea of what was going on than Destiny. But I'm still to this day mad about the final boss and the ending and the gun blade. WTF? But I'll take this over FF13 any day!

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I was so disappointed in this series. I was hoping it would have been just like Xenogears, but for me it wasnt even close. Wish they could bring back Xenogears instead.

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Destiny is a great game. They just need to make sure they iron out and show a great story. My only gripe is I wish it had a great sound track. Its good but not great though there are epice highlights.

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I think the problem is alot of people aren't used to playing MMOs so they dont understand or like grinding. Im loving this game especially when you have good people helping out and talking to each other. I hit level 20 last night finally! Now I will try to finish story today.

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Please be Devil May Cry

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Playstation Nation. Thiis is Destiny full filled!

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Its still an Xbox One, no thank you.

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