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HD Remake would have been better, imo.

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Thief on the pc was a fps, with great mechanics in the survival aspect of sneaking. It was not just go and attack everything sight, but took some thought to pass each area.

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I know on the PSN it gives a price discount. Also if you happen to purchase all the pre-order games (I think there are four or five) you get discounts on all the titles extra stuff, plus an extra game.

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It's too predictable, make the enemy spawn points random.

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Yes PJM sequel, bring it.

Lifelike sounds like it will be something like the Detuned title on PSN, it was music based, that you interact with to change tempo, and such.

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Smarter, or just able to use expolits. If I hear, or find an exploit in a game I use it to my advantage.

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It is seeing now it can determine how a civ is started, and then destoryed. It could be a real game changer in the future against other nations.

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Mimetic polyalloy.

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Flips it back.

But I agree, I just hope this does not filter down to people who have the older console models, via frimware update.

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I stand corrected, a previous frimware did disable hdmi from recording the xmb.

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I bought the game for $40, and purchased the $10 rockstar pass. I don't plan on every playing this game again, after the intital play through, other then getting the trophies. It just did not have the same wow factor such as GTA, or RDR.

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This open world is nothing like GTA, or RDR, and I don't mean that in a good way. While the game is something new, it lacks a lot of the qualities from GTA, or RDR.

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You can record the XMB, because I've done it for recording dynamics themes. But I agree I wish sony would allow game recording via the HDMI, and encrypt movie, and streaming video.

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Same here, but the article does not even have that picture. Whos face is that? I was curious if it was the president or what ever title they use over there, I just remember her ever using lipstick make-up.

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Red, Green, Blue, Red, & White.

It's five cables, that support HD but only 1080i, not 1080p. I use them to bypass the HDMI HDCP(copy protection) to record my game sessions. There is a way to record using HDMI, but that setup is costly, and it requiers you recording the audio seperate from the video. But if you read up on it, intel already had a key compromised, and it's just a matter of time before someone finds a way to unlock the HDCP part, and will open up re...

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@ antz1104

Press the green triangle button!

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LOL, yeah some people never did figure it out.

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Even thought I do not share your enthusiasm for the game, you should of just invested in the rockstar pass, and saved your self some money.

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Yeah ,that aritcle picpture, does not even remotely look like the product.

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But, it prints money!

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