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So, I'm the "internet tough guy"?

Well then why don't we show everyone what class of person you are behind the scenes from your PM's to me, shall we? :


Are you fucking kidding me??

This coming from a man who is going to drop $400+ on a PS4 & accessories.....who is the "bloody HYPOCRITE" now???

For your information, myself and my ...

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This game was never a system-seller for me personally.

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Well "Moron", this isn't about so just stop embarrassing yourself, unless of course you authored this article, in which case see the first comment.

You give money to charity every year? Let me guess, a few dollars around Christmas to the salvation army on your way in to Walmart? Way to go buddy, there isn't a problem that cant be solved by throwing some money at it, right?

And you call me self righteous, meanwhile you brag about giving money...

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First World Problems, you pathetic little cry baby. There are people that will go without eating and a place to sleep tonight but listen up everyone because this overpriveliged idiot wants to whine because he bought a heavily discounted game from PSN which later was offered for free. Unless you were going to use that money to help the needy, then you really need to shut the hell up and get a perspective, child.

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So they intentionally showed it "not in the best way"?! Does Crytek think that all gamers are idiots!!?? Theyre starting to sound like Crybabies.

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Everlong ftw best foo fighters song of all time!

Also love that boston track and the SoaD as well!

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waste of $$$

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Well its a really good thing we have you on the case, detective.

Detective L.J.
Lead Sony Trolling Investigator

I think its got a nice ring to it.

Jokeponicus/Pochahontus aside...

This is a reason I will be getting gamestops 2 yr replacement plan on mine, day one. You just never know with new hardware.

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You dont really have hobbies outside of gaming, do you? You sound like walking talking PS4 advertisement.

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Wow, way to give the middle finger to all your fans and everyone who bought KZ3.

Great move Guerilla Games, you guys are a real class act.

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LoL!!! Sorry, I'm not 15yrs old anymore.

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Sorry, but GoW 3 still looks as good if not better than Ryse. I also think that judging games before you play them, much less before you even own a next gen console with which to play them is pointless.

If you want me to play your game though, neither title you mentioned looks better than KZ:SF.

I think that just like with PS3, as we get a few years into the life of the PS4, were really going to see some first party sony games that cant be touched by other ...

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I couldn't disagree with you more and your lack of experience is more than apparent.

A lot of students of mine knew the sound and style they wanted to pursue before they even bought their first guitar, as well as myself included. In fact, it was sound and music style that first hooked me when I realized that I wanted to play. My first guitar is still my favorite and the only one I play, so that should tell you something.

As ...

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"In all honesty ps4 games wont look THAT much better."

Correction, Third Party PS4 games might not look that much better. But you better believe that first part PS4 exclusives are going to look leaps and bounds more graphically advanced, just as they did on the PS3, because they will be tooled specifically to take full advantage of the hardware advantage that the PS4 has.

Seriously, not trolling, but a lot of the PS3 first party games that have come...

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Yeah you're right, you don't have to worry about that B.S., but the B.S. you have to deal with is not being able to play some really great console exclusives and dealing with hassle of gaming on non-standardized hardware, having to download new drivers or wait for driver patches so that your game runs like it should've or even having to pay a few hundred $$$ just to upgrade your system so that you can play the next system hardware killer.

I think I'll just opt...

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Musical elitism, fanboyisms' nasty older brother.

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I'm going to get this for PS4.

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Well microtransactions are idiotic and just greedy, why the surprise?

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"Don't underestimate 'Call Of Duty: Ghosts'"

Waaaaaay too late.

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Keiji talks smack about Capcom and the Japanese gaming industry for YEARS and is now considering having Capcom publish his game???!!!

Say it ain't so, Keiji!

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