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Considering recent Sony financials, unless the vita is a super bomb (which is unlikely) they will not reduce price any time soon. They don't have to either. Once the games start pouring in gamers will buy the device in Japan as well.

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My most favorite map from this pack is the Cave. It looks beautiful and is great for Team Objective

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@klecser: Again, the one who needs to look at the catalog is you.

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I don't agree with the person you replied to. But from your response you seem to not know much about PSV or even the PSP game line up if that's the impression you have.

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That was a good commercial. Simple and to the point. The game looks beautiful

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Still going strong

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I think the biggest issue here is that both console owners already have a condition to get the demo, ie buying Dragon's Dogma. Now it's buy the game and also some of you will have to wait. It's just stupid really

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nope didn't waste my time. The headline was warning enough for me to stay away

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Hell to the *$&#(@#ing NO!

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ughh I don't think they are butt hurt. Laughing at how stupid this whole thing is more like it. Besides Sony actually makes 'exclusive' games to enjoy while sony provides one/two big games for the year and now exclusive 'demo's LOL

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yeah if you think the 'demo' is comparable to a 10 pound game, imagine the final version :P gonna be so worth the full price

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Hell Yeah

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the gameplay is fast, smooth and intense = love

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Considering this is a fighting game, why change that which is not broken?

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It's been way way too long. Can't wait

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is this some sort of a record for 'd00m' for a console before launch?

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One of the prettiest games to be coming out this year and maybe this gen

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High quality creative commercials = win

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Such a beautiful commercial. One of my most anticipated games of 2012

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I wouldn't be surprised if they announce it on the Vita for the west and not on the psp

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