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To play games? I will take a gameboy over tablet/smartphone any day

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Did you like skip over games like Valkyria Chronicles 2, Dissidia Duodecim, KH BBS etc since 2008 or are you ignoring them? I am a PSP owner and I assure there were plenty of games after 2008 as well

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Looking real good

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Did not see that coming

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Too bad Dale isn't doing these reviews, credibility would have been much higher. And scores like these shows exactly why metacritic is not a reliable system

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Viva Great games, hence the answer should be obvious

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The game is getting some real nice reviews

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New Coca Cola flavor (that tastes the same as the previous years) every year from now on!

Maybe same cola different bottle every year at least?

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I am also having some serious trouble. The hardware is making me want to buy it now and not wait until next week. But I have assignments due for some classes this week!


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EU ad > US ad in this occasion imho

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The trick here is to understand who the ads are mainly aimed at, core gamers. At least at this point that's where their marketing is aiming at.

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Your 3rd sentence made no sense

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Fantastic read. This also shows the creative freedom Sony gives their developers

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It's a bit challenging to get used to but once you do it's some of the best fun you can have, especially on the go. I had an absolute blast with Wipeout Pure/Pulse on the psp. Make sure you take your time adjusting and learning the controls, especially timing your breaks

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Bravo TSA!

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well the box is important as it's the first thing you will see. A good impressions before you get to the beauty that is PSV will be a good appetizer

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@logicwins: humorloss

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It won't be a gold mine if they start taking a huge loss on every psv due to a price cut, that's commercial suicide. Sony should be smart about this and just focus on bringing the games (and they have done a good job so far) and in another year or so they can consider a price cut.

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