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no one wanted the psp

other than over 70million gamers

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the wait is unbearable

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Loving the art direction

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Make it vita compatible, or no sale for me personally.

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fantastic, I expect this to be huge in the west

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Could be the easiest win for Sony in a court...ever

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Can someone just give me a list of the characters so I don't have to give clicks to this hit seeking article? My bet is that it's almost all about non-nintendo characters

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iirc UC2 is around 5 million sold through to consumers and UC3 is well on it's way to matching or surpassing it. The mere notion UC doesn't sell well convinces me you actually deserve that 1 bubble

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And here we thought you might actually buy it


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I'm not entirely certain if this will be 'horror' though to be honest. Gameplay videos might prove me wrong but I feel that it might be focused on surviving mainly

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We will see this within this year, mark my words

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I think Marie should have gotten center stage for the boxart. That said, can't wait!

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I'm sorry but that's such a boring cliche spider man image. Surely they could have done better

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My troll senses are tingling

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Your comment was a better review about the game than his whole article

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Well I can see maybe a smaller scale game like the Prince of persia games for phones being made. It can actually attract new crowds to the franchise

But what I personally want is a full fledged Vita game first and foremost!

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Impressive. Can't wait for MP details

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Exclusives? PSV has plenty of those as well and we are still at launch.

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Does anyone know a list of all these tier 1 factions by any chance?

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