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I thought they confirmed this a little while back as well?

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well that's a headline I never thought I would see, ever. Even if it's a joke

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I have this source of mine called common sense. He gave me the same tip a while back.

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GEX? Oh hell YES!

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@shok: looks like someone needs to take another look at the vita titles

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First off few things in that list are just out right wrong. Secondly nintendo 'adopts' other company's ideas just like everyone else. Nintendo owes sony a lot too if we go by this logic

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Any 'baseless' criticism you mean

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Did I just read someone say that Motorstorm rc is a clone of the console games? lolwut? Not only has the person not played the game he hasn't even seen a video of it!

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Looks Glorious. I love these unique experiences based games

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Founding Fathers Represent!

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No and I don't think Kaz will let it happen either. I expect a similar situation to the vita as in it will be mainly made out of over the shelf parts so they can control the expenses better in the long run

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That lot of characters in one game is too good to be true. But damn do I hope it's true

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Yep unless you hate anything sony, please stay away from sony E3.

But if you want to see new games, Vita titles, gameplay footage for God of war and The Last of Us and maybe even GG's next game, SOny E3 is going to ROCK!

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Well it could be something like the next game by Thatgamecompany. For me that will definitely be HUGE, even if it's a psn title

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Yes the mighty Nintendo never make use of ideas that others came up with first. How is that magical idea of a circle pad of 3ds came about again? The nintendo network? Use of discs instead of cartridges etc etc.

And besides, if this is how sony treats the fans when they are fallen, imagine how they will do when they recover?

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damn man you have so many bubbles 0_0

But like I said they are slightly behind 360 and selling almost twice as much as the wii in NA. This is while dominating in other regions. I doubt sony are unhappy with the situation. They are in a good state sales wise

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YES! Shut up and Take my money!

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No it doesn't. It's currently handily outselling the 360 and wii in Europe and Japan. And is also very close to 360 in NA.

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which is why she would have avoided this game if she wasn't paid for it, no dbz fan should have to go through that weird horse stance to play the game

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